5120x1440 for HotS

I want to use it. It’s supported for D3 and WoW, so why not HotS? Was really looking forward to using it but it doesn’t work, I can at most get 2560x1440, which also does not work and I have to reside to 2560x1080. Everything looks stretched like that.

Also, how come I’m here talking to you guys about this when I wanted to ask support about this? They’re pulling me around and refuse to talk to me with their automated responses and I get a little salty about that.

“You can change the settings to your game by editing the Variables.txt file that can be found in C:\Users<Windows User>\Documents\Heroes of the Storm.” - Glaxigrav, hero of the Blizzard support division.

This fixed it. Thanks internet.

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After opening the file and changin the “width” to 5120 the game starts a scan on the game files and reverts it back to 2560. How can i make the change stay?

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Make the file “Read only”

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I have the same problem but with the 32:9 resolution (5120x1440).

It’s February 2022 and the problem is still not solved.

Blizzard refuses to unlock the 5120x1440 resolution for players, it does not appear in HotS for example.
We can’t choose the aspect ratio (16:9 - 21:9) like in Overwatch unfortunately.
So we are forced to play in full screen window but with the bottom edge of the screen unavailable for the mouse.

After opening the file Variables.txt and changing the “width” to 5120, the game performs an analysis of the game files and sets it back to 3440. Problem not solved.
And if the file is read-only, BattleNet/Blizzard updates the Variables.txt file. Unresolved issue.

Optimization with Geforce Experience does not work.
Launching the game with Geforce Experience doesn’t work either.

5120x1440 resolution exists in Overwatch, but only with 21:9 aspect ratio.
The 32:9 aspect ratio does not exist. And so there are two big black bands on the side.

Blizzard will not do anything to fix this problem. We can’t count on them.

Good luck.

In case you ever come back and see this, I’ve been playing at 5120x1440 for awhile now. I don’t understand why HotS won’t cooperate properly with geforce experience, but if you enable DSR factors 2.25 (7680x2160), or just create a custom resolution of 7680x2160, and select that resolution in geforce experience, then HotS will load at the desired 5120x1440. I don’t know why this works, seems strange, but there ya have it.

Also, you do have to set this every time before you launch or the resolution keeps stepping down, 3840x1080 and so on.

I am currently trying the read only option, but launcher gets stuck on having an update button instead of play. Can always launch game independently. I am also trying to get 2560x720 to work, smooth 240 fps I’m hoping, but another weird problem were the resolution jumpts to 1280x720 or some other res I haven’t seen since good ol CRT monitor days at that sweet 4:3 ratio.

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Thank you Mynd for your answer.
I have tested your method in 120Hz, but without success.

But I found a solution on the net published by u/shwiing on reddit.com, which could help :

publiée par
LG 38GL950G-B
il y a 2 ans
How to Play Heroes of the Storm on the G9

Disclaimer: This worked for me on my G9. It likely would work on other 32:9 monitors. It also may work on other games that don’t support 32:9, but I haven’t tested it. And when I say “This works”, its because it’s playable and as close to an experience as I had when I had a 21:9 monitor. It does NOT mean I got HOTS working at 32:9 without stretching. If that’s what you’re after, stop reading.
With that out of the way, here was my predicament:
While HOTS ran great on my 3440x1440 monitor, it only worked in Borderless windowed or windowed mode, which required additional tools to hide the task bar and/or use confined cursor. Even so, it wasn’t smooth and wasn’t the best experience. Only full screen could provide that.
SO, I figured out how to get a “Fullscreen” experience with HoTS (albiet with black bars) but with as much screen real estate as possible, without stretching and while still maintaining a smooth experience, which requires creating a custom resolution:
1. You’ll notice that “Customize” under “change resolution” in the NVCP is greyed out. You can only create a custom resolution while at 120Hz, so do that first:
1a) Set the Monitor + NVCP to 120Hz Mode.
2. Hit “Customize” and set the resolution to 3440x1440, at 120Hz
3. Hit “Test” and make sure it works, then save that custom resolution
4. Launch HOTS. Change the resolution to 3440x1440, set to full screen, and set refresh to 120Hz
5. Close HOTS.
6. Return your monitor + NVCP to 5120x1440 @ 240Hz as before. You’ll notice that your custom resolution is “gone” at this point. Don’t worry, it’s still there.
7. Relaunch HOTS with the NVCP open somewhere. You’ll notice that when you launch HOTS, it’ll change in NVCP from 5120x1440 @240Hz to 3440x1440 @ 120Hz. This is the custom resolution you made, and is now visible.
8. If you alt tab or exit HOTS, you’ll notice you’re back to 5120x1440 @240Hz.

(AMD Adrenalin Software + Samsung G9) I figured out another way to do it that’s a bit different but uses some of the methods listed here. So I tried editing the variables.txt file and it did make the fullscreen window the correct aspect ratio when I set it to 5120x1440, BUT I had black bars on all sides. So this is what I did to fix it:

  1. First change the settings in hots to be on fullscreen windowed with desired settings. Save and close. Don’t worry, we’ll change it back.

  2. In the Adrenalin software there is a mode called “GPU Upscaling.” In the tutorial when you turn it on it gives you several options for lower resolutions that will scale to 5120x1440. Pick the highest one that works for you and enter it into the variables.txt file at the bottom like this:


  1. Launch game. It will be in UW Windowed Fullscreen, but when you change it to Fullscreen, it will work :slight_smile: Don’t touch the other settings at this point or it will mess up.

*Note- You may have to keep changing it to windowed fullscreen to launch it then change it back to fullscreen every time you play to get it to work. Not sure why but this is what I have to do.

*Although I did get it to work with the 1080 height several times, not sure why but hots kept changing my height variable to 840 but nothing looked distorted and it works just fine and doesn’t look blurry or anything. If it’s not working when you try 3840x1080, try 3840x840 to see if that works for you.

It worked, Mineralbunny! You are a hero to this community and a champion for the ultra-wide master race.

I have an S9 - what Adrenalin Software can I use? Isn’t this for AMD? When I tried to run it it did a hardware check and no go. Not sure the steps for an S9 user. Thanks so much for any help!