Authentication Heroes of the storm

So when i start the game it start loading but when it comes to authenticate it exit the game and give me different errors. i try reinstalling battle net and Hots, I try ipconfig and remove one drive from the pc and running the game on admin.
im running windows 11 and my pc is more then powerful enough to run hots.
so what i wonder is anyone having this problem and is there maybe a fix for it ?

AA38D426-E4C4-4B7A-977E-36A9415E6196 this is one of the error i get and it is saying the file is dmg but how can it be dmg when i reinstall the game more then 6 times now.

PS: is not the firewall stopping the game

same for me today you solved this???

this is the video

plz help me _:frowning:

its the same for me, 2 days now

Same on me. Phew. How can I fix it?