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Playing with Golds again, after I climbed 1,5 year in HL from Silver to Master. Now Gold again? Thx no! I had a great time with HotS and I reached my goal after walking through hell, but not again, really, not again. Im damn angry, because I find my self in Gold again after playing HL Master Season before, looking at people were bronze before now also Gold. Explain this. Also no solo queue anymore? Wtf really. Bring more unbalance in matchmaking please. rofl.


I saw a similar thing happen. A friend I played with from time to time was pushing high diamond, for seasons he has never been below D5. Ended season on D2. He got placed in Gold 3 in Storm League after winning 7-3 in placements.
Another IRL friend who has been below gold for the last year, ended season in Bronze 1, played 9-1 in placements and got placed in Gold 3, 200 points above the guy who was Diamond.
So one week, they are 19 ranks apart, then next week they are same rank with the guy who was lower now being higher. And it’s not a questions of they were in ranks they didn’t deserve. The diamond guy is sooo good and has taught me tons of stuff, by now he’s climbed back into Plat on his way to diamond again, he’s played ca 120 games this season.
The bronze guy, while I like him(IRL friend) is one of those who blames team all the time. He dropped a couple of ranks and ragequit and deleted the game after ca 50 games because he dropped 2 ranks, even though he was still 6 ranks higher than he was before storm league. :stuck_out_tongue:
It really sucks for the Diamond guy because he has to sit through so many games and I see how it has made him lose faith in the game and he’s not nearly as happy about it anymore. He may quit as well because fighting all the way up to high diamond and his goal, master, is such a long process filled with ppl who throw, go afk, dc, flame, feed or just don’t know the game well enough to be on his level. I feel really bad for him.
I also feel bad for the bronze guy because somehow it gave him hope that ‘yeah, maybe I’m not actually silver/bronze!’ and he got renewed hope for a week until he kept losing games, because of ‘bad teammates’ of course and had to either blame the game for being bad or face that he needs to get better. He first disabled chat because ‘95% of people are just toxic’ and then 2 days later deleted game.
Nicely done HoTS-team =)


If you think that’s bad try playing on US region much more bad and toxic players there we are golden compared to them :joy:.He would have left the game In less then 2 days if he played there hahaha.


I will help too this topic be altleast 15 pages…
I either stop play after almost 4 years.
Reasons are so many…

  1. This half trash player base.
  2. Because the game is not like game version. Like this my almost non stop spamed topic…

I will not lie…i will back again when Blizzard HoTS devs…complate my best solution ideas!.
Maybe,maybe i will log in from time by time…