Cannot add new friends in HOTS

I have been unable to add new friends in HOTS myself. People can still send me add requests. I have tried deleting the game and the launcher but the issue persists.

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Are you able to add these people through the Launcher?

Do you get any errors when accepting the requests?

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Have not tried thru launcher cause when I finish a game and try to add someone that is my only chance. The two I have gotten I was able to accept without issue.

Your friend invite request has failed, please try again later

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In this case it is possible they have placed you on Block, so you won’t be able to send a request to people who have you on Block and will receive this error.

The only other thing it could be is if you had 200 friends already, but this doesn’t seem right as you were able to accept previous requests.

I have the same problem

I have the same problem-- I have verified it is NEITHER of the issues you mentioned.

People can add me— And EVERY person gives an error.

Obviosuly since they can add me I am not at 200 friends.