Comp. Tactics , how to get out of bronze


hi everyone ;
i am really sick of getting stuck here in bronze. I am a player who judges him/herself 1st, but at some point i need to judge my team mates too. I play solo for the most of the games.

My point is basically, players not playing the heroe to its potential. let me put it this way, last game , i was playing valla, i had 150k damage to heroes, 225k siege damage, where jaina did only 40k heroe damage, and 60k siege. She finished his quest at 21th minute. This happens quite often. When i am playing support, mostly tyrande, while i am doing 20k, some dpsers do less. i am really getting tired of this. So far i know , it is really not so hard to generate some damage either to heroes or to siege units. i know there are some heroes, such as kel’thuzad are rather harder to play and if you lack practice, you basically suck. or there are some heroes who open up later in the game. In one game, i was garrosh, we had genji, valla and li ming, those did LESS damage then i did. even at the end of the game. One might think " they captured mercineries", no they did not.

my question is, is there any heroe which i can carry the game with? i want to get out of this bronze hell. i am really putting a lot of effort, try to play a heroe to its potential, but nothing seem to work. I know some of you will say “you noob” , “you suck” etc. well, yea don’t care much.

thanks for reading.
Good luck!


You stuck in TL or HL ???


Diablo, Thrall, Sonya, Maiev, and if opponent is beefy then Leo… If they don’t have too much stun/root/silence you might as well try play Butcher :slight_smile:

Yes, you usually want to play heroes that can clear lane safe/fast and get camps and still be able to rotate to your team when teamfight is going on

Other way you might wanna try is get Anub, but for this to work you should probably have a dive composition of your own, i.e. heroes/players that would follow… He still has got one of the craziest teamfight controls as you can engage, stun, sustain, take out one opponent hero with Cocoon

Another couple of ways you can be crazy impactful is play Medivh, unfortunately though chances are people would “label” you as a solo laner and flame for not doing so, and if all that fails = you have a good ol’ KT’z where you can practise comboes and blow 'em up in twos :slight_smile:


The thing in bronze is that tactics don’t exist

Infact it barely exists in higher ranks too.

If you want to win the game on those ranks. Break the meta.
Do something the enemy doesn’t expect and win it that way.
Infact it helps more often then you think even on higher ranks.

Trust me this game has SO MUCH good and silly hero match ups that even the silliest of builds you should never do… wins you more games then the “recommended meta by this pro player.”

For instance… a damage/tank uther. Sure it requires another support but it’s a thing.