Crashing During Draft Ranked



I would like to write a letter of complaint to a GM, I’ve wanted to go to play ranked and in the draft I crashed at 17.00/17PM in Hungary. Then after logging in I lost 344 ranked points (in gold) leaving a demotion match and 2 penalty match with me.

Please, restore my ranked points and delete the two penalty match.



Same issue here ( commented on the US forums as well ). Try updating the Nvidia drivers and the last windows update. It worked for me. Didn’t fix my ranked points, but at least stopped the game from freezing or disconnecting during the draft.


Good morning Tarmatories,

As Ailur suggested, please check this article here and follow those steps.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?


Its not problem at any driver for Windows or some similar stuff. I repeat again as I said before many times,problem is in server. Cant just happend random to few players,it happening all time,almost to everyone.
All 5 players dropped for few seconds in same time?No drivers…

Trying to jump in game,dropped,again searching,dropped,and again get into draft and at the end I was dropped and lost points.
So few of us lost points in few minutes,guess it`s driver for sure.

Yesterday my friend lost 1200 points,two time in a raw,after he finished his 2 games for LEAVING and again.
I lost on two of mine accounts 2x600 points.

Being in party with friend,draft started,we dropped and both of us lost 600 each.

And many many times…
Guess when I update my software and windows will be open for Blizzard


Nice. Good to know that nearly 2-3 hours of my life were just lost what I’ll never get back. (Lw: crashing didn’t happen before)

I don’t know why blizzard devs. focusing on World of Warcraft that much, have you ever thought of lowering the ammount of servers you have? Why do you need to hold on nearly 50 servers at the time, the regional servers are okay, but I think it is unnecessary to have that much, you could have focus on the microtransactions in hots or something, because it would be THE BEST MOBA I ever saw, you just simply don’t care, your ‘company’ never thought about what many normal players want? No offense, I like World of Warcraft (only vanilla to wotlk and a little bit pandaria). You keep increasing the graphic of the game and everything else is loosening. Community? Nobody is building it.

I’m not crying about my ranked points nor my penalty matches. But you guys should complain about the things that are happening at blizzard. Siding with Activision wasn’t that good as you would like to think. Don’t you see, that company is nearly leading the company to it’s ruins.

Don’t keep this in mind, don’t care about the players, don’t care about anything your company should do that would be another milestone in the blizz… or even gaming history.

I think I’ll leave blizzard after 8 years. Thank you for the great experience, but you have changed in a wrong way.

The last thing I will try in the summer is classic, if you f*** it up as well, then bye again.


Yeah, it didn’t solve my problem at all in the end. Lost 1800 rank points due to this. I flushed my DNS, I updated all my drivers, even posted my WinMTR report somewhere on these forums. Still no solution.

It’s beyond frustrating. Ranked is unplayable for me at this moment.


Everyone leaving and you gonna collapse Blizzard. Mark my words. You have to do sometihng about fulfilling the loss of people. People giving many times to get a rank. Make system IT IS YOUR JOB!.


Soooo many people like 14619657 on forums are overrlyy complained and mad about this issue. Just for this time can you stop leading us to troubleshooting connection stuff and actuallyy try to think about “oh wait this could be a server problem” ?? Because it is REALLYY NOT a great experience when its already hard to win in ranked and then just because of a 10 seconds server dc you lose 600 points ? equal to 3 games … HELP pp


Logged into the Game and started Stormleague, got an invite after 4 seconds the Draft started. Our Team prepicked all their Heroes and at hitting the “Pick” Button my Draft was already disconnected - the score was great almost Demotion Match and Penalty Games. It feels like the Codec of the Game that is “Calling out to the Servers” is gone broken or something. I have a refreshed basic Win10 installed PC and just the Game to secure no other Sources of Interrupt. And i just can say where i played back in the HGC Times there was nothing like that, so this can´t be an Problem by the Customer.


Already 8th time this season.

Did all the following:

Flush DNS,
Stopped router,
Unplugged computer,
Reinstall HotS,
Deleted cache folder,
Reinstalled again.

Still no solution.


this is just pure T R A S H help you know.