Frequent stuttering

Hardware: i9 @ 4.7ghz
RAM: 3200Mhz 32GB
GPU: RTX 3080

Graphics in Hots: Medium/High
Resolution: 4K 144hz

I’ve been getting really bad stuttering that tends to happen during team fights, sometimes the game freezes entirely for a few seconds, it locks up, but once the lockup is ‘gone’ I am back to my smooth 144 fps. The CPU usage doesnt seem to be going high, so I doubt the issue is hardware related, plus Ive been running much more demanding games with no issues at all.

It let me to believe maybe its network related. I have run an MTR for both EU servers. Can someone contact me so I can provide you the information privately via a ticket to see if this is something I need to forward to my ISP?

Thank you :slight_smile:


im not a techiest but i can recommend 2 thing to you.
first is that you try to repair/scan your game. you can do that by clicking the option key next to the lunch key in battlenet.
second, while you are in the game, press Ctrl+Alt+F and you can see a table in the top left corner with details of RAM usage, GPU usage and… , maybe that can help.

I would recommend working through the steps here.
Please make sure to try the Advanced Troubleshooting section also :slight_smile:


Thank you for the response!

Regarding the guide steps:

  1. PC certainly meets the requirements
  2. Restarted, (even better - I have a fresh OS install)
  3. Game is always updated via bnet
  4. Fresh OS - I installed geforce experience and got the latest drivers, as well as the latest chipset and motherboard drivers for my Asus Motherboard
  5. I’ve tried running it on extremely low settings and the same issue still occurs!
  6. Not on a laptop, and the power settings are set to run in high performance

Advanced trouble shooting:

  1. I tend to close everything down
  2. Repair had no issues, plus ive reinstalled several times to test and the same issue exists
  3. No need to reset as I do not play around with changing my gfx settings.
  4. I never liked the reverb setting, so I always disable this.
  5. The game is installed on an NVME 2TB drive and my OS is on a normal SSD (both dont need defraagging)
  6. Fresh install so no issue there to fix
    7. The link in point 7 goes to a 404:
  7. I am running Watercooled System and temps dont really go above 40.
  8. I ran the memory test, it took quite some time but i let it run its entire course and it told me no issues were found.

I ran the memory test which took quite a long time, it returned no errors. Your guide actually only refers to windows 10, however I found Windows 11 to be the exact same instructions.

Just to be clear, the game is not “laggy”, the game is running at a constant 144+ fps and then INSTANTLY out of no where, it locks up for a second or two or becomes very chopping for a second or two, which makes it annoying to deal with and then instantly becomes extremely smooth again.

Other things to note:

  1. I am on a wired 500Mb up/down connection
  2. A brand new router from my ISP (stuttering existed on the previous router)
  3. Brand new LAN Cable direct to Router with no Switch or other interface in the way
  4. Brand new OS installation on a fresh format drive
  5. Latest Nvidia Driver installed.
  6. Hence a fresh OS installation, several other new installations happened such as Battlenet Launcher, along with re-installing Heroes of the Storm.
  7. Loading times are very fast.
  8. Game for the most part runs extremely well, except when team fights happen or I perform some kind of Ability.
  9. No performance issues on any other games, nor on any high demanding games. Other similar PVP games like League of Legends, or Overwatch do not have any issues at all.

Are there any other recommendations?

Regarding Process Affinity:

I have an i9 CPU. I can set the Affinity of the Process, but to which CPU cores and how many do you recommend? I know that context switching in parallel processing can actually be counter-productive, so I understand the reasoning behind setting Affinity for certain processes, but how many cores and which ones?

…I tried out something for myself…

FYI: I have set affinity to CPU 0,1,2,3 and the game is so much better!!!

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You are not alone. I got (or used to, not sure in this patch) get them too, since patch 54.4, and so did many others, it seems, reading about it here on the forum. Pretty sure it’s not a hardware issue either, because I never got them prior to that patch. Not sure if I still get them though… Played a few games today, but I don’t remember getting any.

That said, for me, the stuttering was at its worse when I had played a couple of games. Restarting HotS took it back to normal, though. Maybe it’s the same for you? Works as a temporarily fix.


For some reason, I have been setting the CPU affinity on Windows 11 to less CPU’s and it seems to be playing really smooth for me. 0 Stuttering at all now… I don’t know HOW this could improve it so much. I am actually confused at to why this is working. Is this engine not working well with many Virtual Cores maybe?

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I have the same problems since patch and others have the same disconnection issues. I think its not related to our system…

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I read these lags are consequences of a problem with E.U servors. It does not only concern Blizzard.

Thanks, this solved my problem on Windows 10.

Was getting constant micro-stutters even at 300+ fps. Limiting fps didn’t seem to help and sometimes made it worse.

Ryzen 7 5800X.

I set affinity and shut off cores 8-15. Left 0-7 on and games seems to be running smooth as silk. Wasn’t a problem on my old Intel CPU.