Game started to freeze/stutter


Same stutter problem here… Very annoying…


Same problem, any fix yet?


I also have the same problem and have tried following suggested steps to no avail.


AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!! Please fix this… It’s driving me crazy! Been like it for a week or 2


It is obviously on Blizzards end but as usual they are too ignorant and blame the players. This has never occurred to me since this patch and hasn’t ever occurred on the other 6 games I play weekly. Blizzard are just so annoying and silly their best coders have probably been sent to diablo immortal OMEGALUL and they don’t have any competent people left to fix/care to fix it.


Yep still happening, and no hotfix yet. Cleared cache and did other things just to be sure, but nothing helped.


Same problem here… Blizzard, pls fix


Same here, and 40fps, down from 110+
and posting dx diag etc… is old school these days, windows takes care of it by it self…
Something did go wrong in the update ! -u cant blame players anymore…

and btw… fix AI’s :wink:


Bumping this…


Still the same issue going on


Still suffering from this issue since last HOTS patch. Game has become unplayable.


Bumping because still broken.


same problem here…


same problem. tried most solutions and nothing works. Can we actually get solutions, not just be asked to offer more data and be offered generic “try this it might work” ?


Me and my wife have the exact same issue.
I wouldn’t expect this to be fixed any time soon.


I managed to fix this issue by disabling Nvidea Shadowplay. No more frame drops/stuttering so far and has been a week or two.


Nvidia Shadowplay disabled
Nvidea in-game overlay disabled
Nvidia drivers updated to version

Issue persisting; I do a game vs ai to check every day if the stutter appears it is there 100% of the games since 24-03.

Thinking of filming the whole thing with the phone as it is super annoying.
Game is unplayable for me at this stage on this machine.


Sounds very familiar problem that I had as well around 2 weeks ago but managed to fix it. I made a post on us forums when I was looking the solution to fix the problem, you can check it here

Anyway, I got it fixed by updating my OS (Windows 10) MANUALLY, you can update your Windows 10 by going to Settings -> Update & Security and then clicking the Check for Updates button. After that just update, it’s gonna take a while. That did the trick for me.

Decided to check if some people still have this problem, should’ve probably post this sooner here… hopefully this will fix your problem too!

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Wut, that actually worked, thank you. But why it always has to be HOTS that has problems? Thank you man.


Some games actually had some issues on performance with the march Windows update, so it’s just not HOTS!