GM smurfs in gold/silver ruining games


Just found a 20-10-0 Alarak named IShallBuryU doing 45% of his whole team damage.
Checked the profile and he’s a level30 smurf with 90-95% winrate, queuing with low level players to deceive the system.
Please don’t let this happen and do something about it.
He and every other GM smurf are ruining gold league players’ game experience…


I agree, I came accross some in bronze too, but how i see it, they cant stay in lower leagues very long, as they will progress and b at the league where they belong

But honestly, its crazy, making smurfs and playing against ppl of much lower skills just to feel better, guess they got too banged up in their own league tht they make smurf to direct their anger on lower leagues , where they can make a difference


I’ve encountered same things in SC2 as well… but most of the time you notice it… but in SC difference is much much higher and clearly obvious.

There is a huge gap from Diamond to Grand Master in SC. I myself being a diamond player.

Key difference here is that SC matches are 1v1, and you can speak with that guy directly, during the match.

One time guy says he is just practicing a build, and completely destroys me… I mean it was a slaughter. So I ask him, hey man… what rank are you really… he says GM top 50 EU, and asks me if I want a free win. I’m like, sure, gief please :smiley: and he just leaves the game.

I can understand some GM in HotS is practicing some hero, trying to get better with some role… but that completely ruins the game for people who are playing at their level.

Yes, there should be some mitigation for this.

In this age, internet tracks your location. So why not implement a system where judging by location, system identifies there is already existing account in the place from that IP, and simply adjust their MMR, to prevent this nonsense.

That way both are satisfied, he can practice on his off account and not ruin MMR on his main account… but is placed with people that are of his same rank.


What if you have household of for example 4 kids who all play hots on their own accounts?


Well, that is a specific situation. Lets just say, dad has to learn how to play… or kids do :smiley:

…or blizzard bypasses every rule and accesses your internal address :slight_smile:

Additionally, this could be a good things, to force the kids to move out because dad’s bad playing is ruining their MMR :smiley:


How about if you live with 2-3 room mates who also play hots? How about if there is a couple which both play hots?


Storm League now has this new rule where people with more than two ranks difference cannot party together

It has given people YET ANOTHER REASON to spam alternate accounts


The ip can b bypassed, or tricked, or whtever u call it ,

they can link it to computer hardware, IME number, or something like tht , dnt know exactly, im sure many will know here, its something related to the network card installed in your system.

If tht is linked, then one computer = one account

if there r 4 kids, well, daddy needs to buy them 4 laptops

if there r 3 roommates, why would u allow ur other 2 roommates to use ur laptop for play? how u gonna play togther then? tell them to buy their own laptops

Problem solved :smiley:


Not really that is same than I say people who smurf always buy new computers, problem solved for smurfing! It do not work like that in real world.


smurfing cant finish, ppl wil smurf always…

but, even if they stomp lower leagues, they eventually land in their own league


Every computer connected through same router has same outside IP address. That address is what internet sees. After collecting data router will resolve to which internal address data is sent. This internal address internet doesn’t see.

That means, in short that if 60 computers are all connected from same location via same router internet doesn’t care, internet sees them all as same. Or rather, internet cares about router, not computer. Router is the one that handles which individual machine data is transfered to.

Yes, by connecting with VPN software, though that will slow down the connection, but in this day in age, doesn’t really effect performance all too much.

This can be then also used to smurf.

Lets face it, we are doomed. Only thing that can resolve this is paying for accounts.


ahh i remember, i meant the mac address, or i dnt know, but i know tht every system has a unique physical address bcoz of its network card, thts the one i was talking abt,

the ip address is bcoz of internet, the ip address can change when u connect to different internet, but the mac adress or tht network card physical address, tht stays same, unless u put an additional card in ur computer,


Come on!

Even you know that realistically it would seriously reduce the amount of alternate account spam


i agree, n if a person is ready to buy a whole computer just to make a new smurf account, i think you wil agree that ,
= let him hav tht smurf, he deserves it :smiley:


I genuine believe that there is no way to stop smurfing. Whatever ideas is thrown there is always consequenses for that action which are bad for blizzard.


i agree, even the registering ID card with account would result in reduced player base,

Also, smurfs dont stay in the same level forever, they advance n eventually fall in the league they belong, just though, for a short time, they stomp ppl


Well, they can always create yet another smurf when mmr gets higher. So if the goal is to dominate less skilled players, there’s nothing stopping them.


yup, but ever new account will eventually climb out of silver n gold, its more like a bad-patch tht bronze silver has to face everytime a higher league person makes another smurf


The game is slowly declining

Matchmaking being bad is one big reason for it

And alternate account spam is a huge part of why the matchmaking is so terrible

Let us face facts:

Money motivates people

If Heroes of the Storm has a price on it then people are actually going to buy the game

And developers in return would be motivated to develop for their golden goose even more

Out of all the ideas you have ever read

Don’t you think this idea comes closest to working?

They could shut down the current game and then develop Heroes of the Storm 2

Complete with new graphics

Completely new engine that doesn’t need to use that StarCraft 2 reconnect system

And a sixty dollar price tag per copy

To top it all off we should also introduce a single player campaign complete with rich story just to make the purchase and everything worthwhile

In game purchases should still be included the way it still is because it’ll help us throw money at the developers to motivate them more

But I seriously think putting a price on this game would seriously reduce the alternate accounts

You are worried about us losing players

But please remember that we had very few players when this game began

We can still go back to that and rebuild

Some things are just so messed up that it’s impossible to perform easy repairs

We need to hit the reset switch on this game

Keeping all the good things about it and learning from all the mistakes made along the way


You could make hots 2 and make a pricetag for that. I havent seen the numbers they have done with hots but no entry cost game model is trending and it is definitely working. It is also hard to gain customers for your game when so many other same type of games are constantly popping up and is existing which are free to play

I feel like your point is already proven wrong. Blizzard is one of the world’s biggest gaming companies - they made 2019 Q1 344 million dollars as revenue which resulted in 55 million dollar profit. You really think you know better how to make business? They decided this model and keep this model bevause they know how to make the best possible decisions. They are well aware of all the problems and basic solutions and consequences of those