GM smurfs in gold/silver ruining games


Their game is in decline because of their decisions!

Many of their employees have also left

I am asking you if out of all the ideas on how to prevent alternate account spamming

Is this idea not the closest to actually working?

Ignore the consequences that worry you just this once


You are right that hots have had better times at past but it’s still doing decently. Blizzard relocated some of their hots employees and incase they need more for hots that will definitely not be a issue. There are many people who would love to be part of Blizzard.

Yes it will for sure reduce the amount of smurfing. That being said you cant go with an idea and say ignore the consequences. Hots has lost plenty of gamers and I am sure Blizzard dont wanna lose much much more gamers to make hots cost money for everyone.


Remember that Heroes of the Storm started small

We can still go back to that and come back big

Like a Phoenix dying and burning away only to rise back up from it’s own ashes

It’s clear that many big changes are needed to make the game great again

Aside from Matchmaking:

Garden of Terror is terrible and most people would definitely rather have the old one even still

Hanamura Temple was best the first time and it’s a complete mess now that almost no one wants to play

And Haunted Mines has been removed YET AGAIN from the rotation even though it was totally fine when first released

There are some serious mistakes along the way that cannot easily be fixed without a huge remake of the whole game itself

Slow updates to fix them will be long and grueling and will result in even more lost players

The money the developers would make from selling the game would also increase the incentive to bring back and sponsor official tournaments all over again

I’m pretty sure a lack of income from Heroes of the Storm directly was the reason why HGC was cancelled in the first place


It just simply is not profitable choice. There are so many reasons why it won’t work and Blizzard is shown that by not going into that direction. I would also like to see hots flourish but this is not the way to go sadly.


Is it really that bad? Gold\Silver is so random anyway. It is a good thing to play against better players. It makes a change from the usual first-pick Murky because preferred pick got banned or saying gg after going solo 1v5 or threatening to report everyone because we didn’t help them keep their deaths below 10.


Making a better game is a great way to profit

If putting a price on this game would be a terrible choice

Then take a look at Overwatch compared to many of the other free to play first person shooters


Yes making the game better is great way to make profit and that is what Blizzard is constantly doing.

Overwatch works in different mechanics and it have had pricetag from the beginning. Every game needs to be looked at seperately and compare different aspects on that market situation. Also timeline is crucial, meaning do you start a game with pricetag or not. It is extremely hard to put pricetag on free to play game when it has been out for few years as free to play


Ban these people
extra letters because blizzard is run by incompetent clueless people


Are you seriously approving of such things like the Garden of Terror update?

Just look at all these dislikes!

They may have been trying to make the game better but they have also been constantly making things worse

It almost seems like they are intentionally sabotaging their own success sometimes because some changes are just so bad

It’s clear that they don’t always make the best of choices

Putting a price on Heroes of the Storm would not only reduce alternate accounts but it would also increase profits

Profits that can be used to hire people to make the game better


Putting a pricetag would reduce smurfing and playerbase plus less new players would join hots. It would decrease immense amounts of profit and would be devasteting for Blizzard. Therefore Blizzard will never do a amateur misstake like that. Time will prove my point right.


I would argue it differently, HotS lost a lot of players because people can get away with smurfing, trolling and other suspicious activities.

So if you make it like 15 euros to buy the game, Pay to Play, no sub… people who actually care would play it. Trolling would drop down if reporting system is good, people would care they can’t play if real money is involved.

State of ranked and other match modes would improve, attracting new players.

Sure it might loose some players at start, but again, I strongly believe it would gain much much more in the long run.


It is fine to have that opinion. However Blizzard (and I) disagrees with that businessplan. In theory you can be right but I tend to believe a company which makes 55 million dollars profit per quater knows better


They made all that money on payed games though, WoW, Warcraft 1-2-3, Starcraft 1-2… Overwatch… etc…

They sure as hell made nothing on HotS, thats why they canceled everything HotS related, you can consider this what we are playing pseudo maintenance mode compared to what it was.

HotS business plan was sponsorship and tournaments. They invest in hosting them, sponsors pay to get advertised. Interest plummeted, sponsors backed out, they canceled everything.


Nope, hots made a lot of money. It is still making money but obviously less since playerbase has decreased.

The major scource from money is not from sponsorships. Hots is free to play but items in store cost money - this is the way to make tons of money nowadays.


Your perception of “lots of money” is quite different then Activisions perception of same quote.

Trust me, original intent of entire project was to cut into MOBA tournament market. Heck, loot boxes were added as an after thought in HotS 2.0 in attempt to salvage what can be salvaged since tournaments were already showing signs of weakness.


Tournament idea is to make game more attractive and rise the awareness of the game. Anyways as I said before you got your opinion thats fine but reality is reality and it has not or will not make any sense to put a pricetag for hots. You will see that time will prove my and Blizzards idea correct.


And what if TIME causes this game to shrivel and just lose almost all it’s players?

Will you be happy to be correct then?

People already have ENOUGH complaints about this game

I want my beloved game to live on!

And if you haven’t noticed already

We used to get one new hero almost every single month

Now we’re lucky to get one even after three whole months

I didn’t want to believe it but it is indeed true that they care a lot less about this game than they used to

Stuff like removing Haunted Mines

Giving us only a limited pool of the AMAZING and MANY maps this game has to offer which was the one of the main appeals of this game to begin with

We used to have so much fun with so many maps and now that’s gone too

Changing an enjoyable Hanamura Temple and Garden of Terror into something so much worse

Feels like downright sabotage of their own products!

Something sinister is definitely going on here

Why won’t you just be on our side?

You’re a player and a lover of the game too

Just like us


That is inevitable, it is only matter of time.

Don’t think you have a firm grasp on how much revenue tournaments make. When you have 2 milion people watching them on twitch, 15k live in arena. Do you know how much ad money is that?

Why do you think they were giving us portraits and other cosmetics for tuning in to twitch streams during their tournaments?

They tried, it didn’t work. Problems were too big. Game masked its weakness behind variety. Eventually sponsors realized what is going on, and backed away.


No more words for part of peo0les wich reply here. Topic is about smurf accounts, they always,always start talk or reply for different topic. heh :smile:

This year i did suggested ideas wich agains smurf accounts.(this one my topic …

But …"freedom is on first place "( in decions of HoTS devs. team).
And there is result…
I never,never will farm one more time with alt account.
Of course i either had and like almost everyone had alt/smurf accounts.
Problem had 2 is for new fresh players(newbest)…others for old players…
First side (new players),cause high problem (or 60% vs 40%).
You make alone get own conclusions…


While Heroes of the Storm coming to an end is INDEED inevitable because all things do come to an end someday

It does not have to be so soon and there are things that can be done to make it more exciting even now

I am sure you and I both can agree on that

All hope is not lost

Not yet