High ping/Heavy Packet loss (HOTS)

Good Day,

I would like to now if anybody else is having the same problem,

Im playing out of South Africa, for the past 3 weeks now (Jan-Feb 2022) im getting high ping during game play, lagging and disconnecting/reconnecting constantly during game play

I’ve done traceroute to both EU servers and both came up with the same results showing a timeout or 700+ ms on hop and both server and registered to RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE) (Amsterdam)

Please Blizzard/Battlenet can you fix this issue.

Yup, same here. Noticed lag spikes every now and then when usually my game is smooth. The game stutters once in a while, probably from a dropped packet. Unpleasant playing like this. -    3 | 1106 | 1080 |    9 |  124 | 3959 |   37 |


In case of a connection issue, please perform the steps of this following article :

When there’s a packet loss or high ms on a single hop, this can be ignored. It means the packet went through but the router took time to send the response packet. Real packet losses / latency carry over the rest of the route.

If you’re still experiencing connection problems, we’ll need your MSinfo and a MTR test. You can post them here using the preformatted text for a better visibility. If it doesn’t fit, you can host the files on an external site such as Pastebin then provide the URL here, also in a preformatted text. Else, you can just submit a ticket with the files attached.

Same here guys, in Paris FR, high latency goes up to 100-300.
Might be local… Provider said “it must be their network”
Gl tho :smiley: