HOTS account reset problem

Hello. I have a problem with my heroes of the storm account. Due to so far unknown circumstances to me, my account appears to have been reset. Indeed I can still log on to my correct account and the game does not propose to me any kind of beginner tutorial. Moreover I am level 0 with no content unlocked in the game. I have read some common issues about such problem which porposed as a solution to change my region or change accounts. I have changed the region and checked all my diferent accounts but I could not find my original heroes of the storm account. If this can help you I’ve just reinstalled the game and I have formated my pc a month ago. Would you have idea of what the matter is?

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Hey there Mythra :slight_smile:

Considering your description it seems indeed that you may be simply using the wrong account. We can’t help you locate the correct one via the Forums though, so I would like to ask you to open up a ticket for our Game Masters.

Describe the situation to them along with as many details as you can remember about the account, they’ll be happy to help you as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

My deepest grattitude for the matter. i’ll be sure to double check everything!

hello u should log in the blizzard web account to see if there are some changes in the game that u made like the last hero u bought and if the info its right try to log in with the web open … it worked for me and i had the exact problem!

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what do you mean by this? i check my both batlenet acounts and i have 0 activity on heroes of the storm