Hots Gpu Usage not stable


I’ve been monitoring the performance on my hardware due to resolve issues with Hots not performing as intended with my current hardware.

I built my system around 3 years ago and had a stable framerate in Hots to begin with. Running at a minimum of 150 fps, with an average fps around 200 the least.
All other games I play the gpu works as intended, without any drops in gpu frequency.

My Gpu runs at a maximum freq. of ~ 1770Mhz. At the beginning of a map when heroes are spawning its fine with 400-600 fps at the start of the map. For some reason after half a minute it drops down to 950-1250Mhz and use only around 30% of the gpu power.
I’ve tried alot to increase the performance playing hots. Sometimes it pops back up at maximum for a short duration of time, then back down again to low freqs.

Very annoying since it affects your performance in the game during combat situations where you can feel that the game slows down and makes it harder to control your hero. When I drop to around 90-110fps from having 150+ stable I experience a big difference.
I also feel like the input isn’t responding as well either with the low framerate.

Running windows 10 always up to date.
What changed during these three years?
New gpu drivers and windows updates are mainly what differs from when it worked as intended earlier. I formated and reinstalled my system 10 days ago and the problems with my hots performance experience remains.

Been trying out different gpu drivers, tweaking and benchmarking, monitoring all temperatures etc. The system works fine on all points, except for when playing Hots!
checking all the power options for maximum/optimal performance, and also all gpu settings on all panels outside and inside the game.

Hopefully someone from Techsupport could identify and resolve this issue with some additional command line enabling the gpu further.

I’m using Nvidia GTX1050Ti 4GB (Both manually OC and without OC)
There are no vBIOS avaliable from ASUS on my specific Gpu card.
Mainboard: ASUS PRIME Z270-K
CPU: Intel i5 6500
RAM: 24GB DDR4 @ 3000Mhz

Tried running it in debug mode, didn’t solve or show anything helpful.

Does anyone know more about this HotS issue?
Are there any solutions, specific gpu drivers or anything else? Let me know!


Try to update on WIn 11

Hey there Juvelen,

This issue sounds like potentially the driver or your Windows installation are trying to save power.

In the Nvidia driver, under Manage 3D settings, there is an option called Power management mode, make sure the option “prefer max performance” is selected.

Additionally I would check your Windows power options, to make sure that your computer is not throttling back to save on power.

Kekw what a support Voss and infinite update ? when you want to fix this ? Or you gona buy new SSD disc ? Because infinite overwritting its really bad for them…

Thanks for your reply, I’ve tried changing the nvidia setting back and forth earlier without any notable changes. However instead of manually change the power schedules settings I will try use the high performance combined with leaving the nvidia on "perfer max performance ". Ill report back after further testing.

Alright. The problem remains. The GPU freq. is at maximum ~ 1780Mhz at the beginning of a game. After 10-30s before the gates opens it goes down static to 1341Mhz and stays there throughout the game.

Notice that HotS is the only game I got this problem with, all other games are running on maximum GPU freq. Also running another setup with an almost identical gpu (GTX1050Ti), but an older system, that isnt performing as well in other games but deliver higher fps in Hots than on my main PC.

Any further suggestions?

EDIT: Changing the Video options to highest will enable the maximum gpu freq. @ 1780Mhz ) However the fps on those settings are naturally lower. Changing to medium/low settings will cap the Gpu @ 1341Mhz for reasons unknown to me.

I’ve never heard anyone get help with bugs and issues in this game. The game support team is busy with chat moderation.