HoTS is dead - the end

After 6 years, HoTS is honestly dead. No balance. No sorting out toxic players. Nothing to address cheaters and hacks.
One hell of a way to let something die Blizzard.


Never seen cheats and hacks in this game. Toxicity is everywhere. Just mute players you do not like.


No developement and leaving the game infested with trolls and griefers are very different things.
It’s like Blizzard wants the game to be filled with them so everyone stops playing and they get the excuse they need to shut it down completely.


there killing the game and there player base… i literally just received a ban i thought whaaaaat ive not done nothing… i click to appeal it… it gave me the reason im banned and it was because i called ONE person i idiot… man ive been called 1000X worse than a idiot and i’m banned wtf

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I started playing about a month ago and I am enjoying it, doesn’t seem dead to me. There’s so much FUD on this forum, go play the game instead of this shazbot or I dunno, go live your life and do something else? Geeze. How old are you kids?


this game is same dead like dead is brain of developers - they killed this game. Its only one game where rank system works like that - winratio 10% vs winratio 90%

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Why not just pull the plug and kill the servers?


The people behind this game shouldn’t be working in the gaming industry. Any game they work has to be a failure


this game plays only blizard developers. 90% playes inteligence is under 50iq. animals are more inteligent than blizard devs

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Blizzard is spelled with 2 z’s. Intelligence/intelligent is spelled with 2 l’s


every one who work in blizard is same inteligent like a frog. I dont mean cleaners and other services, they normal.

I think it’s a good game. Good heroes and varied maps. Balance is fair. Don’t see the issue. It was left behind due to low profitability but I think they should’ve kept at it, just trudge on and eventually reach. It was wasteful to halt a good progression like they had but the game is still good enough.
One disappointing thing with HotS is that there’s no items, and there’s also very strong come-back mechanics. Both those make for an even game all game. Perhaps people dislike that?
It’s also difficult to carry a team in HotS, so the worst player will spell the end of you rather than the best player being the blessing (or curse). Makes sense to me that it’s about the team rather than singles having the best build and most skill to get on top and from there steamroll noobs for 25 minutes. But those games exist already so why make another one? HotS has a unique take on moba I think and it’s a good take. Wasn’t profitable enough though but let’s see what will happen when Microsoft take over the IP, perhaps there’ll be changes. Perhaps the dead can walk again.


The matchmaking system killed the game. The game is better without items. But the game is a joke. Nothing will improve when Microsoft takes over

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before microsoft take it was same bad…

There are no hacks in this game but games turning sh!t is the result of the woke parties you voted for in your countries. If u voted for Jewish sponsored politicians, expect countries and companies becoming sh!t. I deeply hope that one day, there will be a terrorist act at Blizzard HQ. These woke people deserve to be exterminated for what they have done.

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I play Albion Online - Its posible there to fight 15vs5 or 20vs3. I can say I fight more draw fights that game than this awfull blizard … Its not hope for this cra/p game .

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Why do you say people are a idiot it`s not nice. You do not say something against anyone. Just play it have fun its not always for the win. So long you can not accept that well then you will always go to the toxic way. We do not need people like you what ever your “good” reasons you may or may not have with it. You can say damn that was not a smart move. Or o well that was not planed great. Enc. Make it up better next time. Learn to adress it in a nice way.


Sorry but how can I name person who after 10000 tries doing same easy mistake?
This game is heavy dead and is no chance for good changes until blizard employe ppl with 0.2iq.

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Didn’t help letting people like Fan cheat the ranking system to beat up less skilled players for years.


To be honest it is really rare you haven’t seen any because botting is rampant. I had many games where 3 players afk at spawn point and only move to the middle of the map to avoid getting kicked/leaver status and then they just die or if they are lucky they come back to the base. So that’s your game, you are 2v5+3 ppl on your team feeding/doing nothing and you cannot even leave that game, you have to stay until the end, so you are locked for like 10-20 minutes depending on the map, doing nothing or skirmishing at disadvantage which never is fun tbh.

It’s really sad HotS doesn’t receive any attention by blizzard.

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