HotS stuttering while playing

My game just freezes very rapidly for short intervals and it is very disruptive. stuttering while trying to use abilities etc.

It started happening only when I got my new PC and it still worked fine on my old one at the time so it was not internet and its not graphics as I’ve tried all the different setting, I’ve allowed HotS through my firewall, closed one drive while playing and all made no difference.

I play most games on high to ultra, Hots I play on fully maxed settings and get about 150fps but regardless of what I do I cant get the game to run smoothly

Anyone have any answers or suggestions please?
been struggling for a few months now.


It sounds as though you may have the game running on your processors APU. You’ll want to ensure that the game is running using your GPU.

Likewise, I’d test if you see this issue occuring while you have the FPS capped at 60. This can be an indicator of a CPU bottleneck if it’s occurring at higher FPS.

Lastly, try closing as many background applications as possible to free up system resources and ensure that none are interfering.

Useless reply as always. Rather than fixing this sh** on your end, you spit this nonsence. Most of the computers that ppl play HOTS on can handle it with ease. Its just that flawed and poor optimization of all blizzard games which was not adressed ever. I have the same issue as Mr. who started this thread and its frustrating. Every map, every game, stuttering. Freezes for 0.5sec in the same intervals…and this was happening through out all my pcs I ever played HOTS on. Never had any other issue than this, but maaan this one just makes me wanna enrage and destroy everything around me. Sometimes it was ok (probably some magic during patch happened) then after another patch, absolute garbage. No wonder this game entered the maintenance mode in this state… Ryzen 5 5600 + RX 6650XT, 16GB of 3200MHz CL16 RAM, game installed on SSD and even much more demanding titles like this cr** run without any performance issues… shame on you for so many years of ignorance.

actualy is no sense play this game anymore… this imbecils (developers) destroyed this game …
Monopoly is more tactic game than this

developers of this game are biggest ret.ards i ever seen… so dont expect any clever sulutions from them.


I have the same problem. I get in-game freezes, some last a few seconds, I even died due to this because I wasn’t able to do anything (move for example).
My PC handles most of the games: Ryzen5 5600X + RTX 3070. Game installed on the SSD.
One thing I observed is that the GPU usage is low (~50-60% load during gameplay). This GPU load should always be AT LEAST above 90% (99% being the ideal scenario). So this problems are due to bad resource optimization. Just fyi, the CPU load is really low, so it’a not a CPU bound problem.
I switched from all ULTRA settings to Medium and still got the freezes. Sad!
My Nvidia drivers are up to date. I play Apex Legends, Overwatch, and I don’t get any freezes.
Another thing I observed is that these freezes mostly occur when intensive graphic effects take place.
Please fix this! Thanks!

i have the same issue, but i have noticed blizzard servers have a very high latecy 4000-5000 MS on this IP: