How can i win in this game?


I have accepted you xylord gonna add clipper too, but no AI feels good to beat real people xD


Says the person who mostly only plays Li Ming most of the time

Arbiter is right about Rexxar by the way

He is just so versatile with all the things he can do:

He has a heroic that can slow down an entire enemy team

He can take the boss by carefully managing Misha

He can reveal stealth in a HUGE AREA constantly and there is no way to prematurely end that reveal

He has a talent that increases his max health constantly and I have not seen the limit of that

He can also gain armor permanently AND go into Stasis if he’s focused upon by the enemy ability like Pyroblast


By the way whats the , chest grind you guys are talking about?
Also since we have mentioned so many problems here and i can see there are other threads aswell , do the developers do anything about this? i mean the problems plagueing the game


Clipper thinks I am playing Versus AI just to get loot chests

But playing Versus AI is just simply fun for me

Much better than Quick Match anyway

Due to the new event you can complete repeatable quests to get a loot chest each time

And you get one each time you level a hero as well and this you probably already do know

And developers are trying but many of them are making terrible mistakes

Often “fixing” things that were never even broken to begin with like the Garden of Terror map which is a horrible mess now

Hanamura also suffered the same fate

And so did Haunted Mines

Which is not even in any map rotation anymore


You almost cant won…because the game is not played from smart young peoples!

I dont know anymore…i either play from 2015 year(open beta test)…
In past over 2 years the game was a way different…and have fun a lot!
After this time and all these changes…start be so worst.
Yeah…like all other say to you(here in your post)…try play with better smart frends only,but i know you cant all the time and often. And try play only vs AI or Ranked.
Just …exist so many trash peoples.
And i gave you one advice…try do not play often. You will only dmg your nevers and feel sad. Better play different genre games…like me…i restart play MMO " RIFT".
There is NO stress,dmg your nevers,feel sad,there is NO toxic peoples!!

HoTS is lile “drugs”…“hook” in non stop in game,start feel bad,dmg your mind.



I play Li Ming coz i love tht hero

my li ming is 52, yes,
but my greymane is 50 too, n my KT n Varian both 20+

Li Ming i enjoy the most, but i need to learn more, thts why i bought KTZ, also plan on learning orphea, will buy her soon, meanwhile im practising artanis,

tanks is not my thing

but in healers, i play a lot of morales too :smiley:


yeah but instead of stopping the game which i like, it would be better for the devs to do something about need to listen to the people to keep them playing and not let the game die. Hots had huge potential


nooooo, u took my words wrong,
i mean grinding AI coz i assume you will b storming ur way through AI matches to get as many loot chests BCOZ its Season , i know u enjoy AI more, bcoz of no crazy afk n trolls :slight_smile: … its season, everyone shud b grinidng AI with quickk finishes, coz tht wht i will do, but i hav a goal to get to silver with 2 new heroes learned tht help in macro play, jaina ktz orphea, i need to get pretty good with at least 2 of them, n thts why im into playing some qms now too, to try them out

But for practice, playing against elite AI can b tough, practicing new heroes against high rank AI is a good practice, but the satisfaction of killing a bot can b no wear near the satisfaction of killing a human player :smiley:

they r, i think new patches coming up next month, with some hero reworks, some new skins, and changes in ranked play, lets see how things shape up


but none of the stated above will fix the matchmaking though , by the way does reporting achieve or is it pointless??


People do get punished more often than not if your reports are for valid reasons

There are even many complaining about unjust punishments but a lot of them were guilty of the things they did


People why can’t win 55-60% in QM, should stay away from ranked.

Even if he play with “randoms”, 8% winratio in QM is horrific level and if You ask me, on his actual level, he will only be the handicap for others in ranked.

He should watch streams, learn basics, because by my opinion, he even dont understand where he is doing mistakes, that is all I can sugest.


You are not the authority that decides who gets to play Ranked and who does not


If the player were destroying only his own rating, there wouldn’t be that talk, but HOTS is a team-oriented game, and all teams statistics suffers because of one player.
So yes, I am an authority - as well, as all of the ranked players who lost a lot of points, because they got people who don’t understand the basics of the game.
Put people without the basic knowledge into ranked means nothing more, then disrespecting the time of people with ranked skills, who have some expectations from the game.
And - ironically - it hurt new players as well, because from the one side, they become victims of frustrated players.
From the other side, they very fast get full hand of reports and chance of being banned as “feeders”. “trolls”, “grieffers” etc.

Hots have 6 different modes, and saying that “people without common sense of the game” shouldn’t play rankeds is not offending anyone.
It is


Tell me then

If you really are an authority as you say you are

Why haven’t you been able to stop the people who play badly from playing Ranked mode?

The difference between a person of authority and a simple person is that the person of authority can actually do something about it

Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean people are compelled to obey you

I suggest you stop derailing this thread any further

This thread is about our original poster being unable to win much in Quick Match

If you have complaints about the current state of Ranked then I suggest we take it elsewhere where they will actually be relevant


[quote=“Xylord-2300, post:34, topic:2736”]
I suggest you stop derailing this thread any further[/quote]

Then dons suggest irrational ideas like “you are awfull in QM, then go to ranked”.

This thread is about our original poster being unable to win much in Quick Match

And the answer is easy. If he can’t get 40-50% in QM, then it means he don’t know how to play.
“Stop blaming others and learn to play”.
Watch some replays, and most of all learn yourself to use brain during game. HOTS is not “The Sims”, if you play stupi*ly, making senseless brawls for nothing in time when enemy is gaining exp, dont think about skill tree during game, or enemy possible positioning, then don’t be surprised you are loosing time after time.


hey whitebat , just a headsup i am not as bad as you think so there is no point to compare me with people who made you lose in ranked and are making you vent in this thread, i had a 52% win ratio in QM but i doubt its that high now because of all the bad matchmaking. This thread wasnt to blame anyone but actually i would blame the development team for letting this matchmaking continuing working with the way it is


As I told someone else when I was a healer and I got blamed for the loss in a match where one of their players outleveled our entire team literally double, and the others not far behind, on Alterac Pass. As I was behind 16k in healing.

“It wouldn’t have mattered if I had healed 20k more, or 30k more. I couldn’t stop Artanis from suiciding on the other side of the map against towers, as it clearly didn’t help telling him not to solo the towers, twice. That amount more in healing would not have prevented Sylvannas from not going to to Objective to help us defend and attack”

More than often, I’ve experienced the MM system putting entirely new players against veterans who know what they are doing. More than often, it’s one team being mostly hard counters to the other team. I was even surprised to see that it in some cases isn’t even balancing the roles properly between the teams.

Something has happened with the MM system in the last couple of months, because it was never this bad.


There we go another one agrees with us, we should start a movement :smiley:


Nothing happened to MM system.

If you guys see some 1k level player and assume that the game is lost, your wrong.

If you see a level 50 player and you think it will be easy, your wrong again.

MM basis on stats, a bad player can win 5 in a row bcoz his team was really good. and a good player may lose 5 in a row bcoz of 1 or 2 afk or trolls.

The MM only sees the results, its automated.
And a tank for a tank
a healer for a healer
a support for a support,

thts wht it looks for, this means, even though CLEARLY crazy, but the folllowing comps SATISFY the MM rule (even though they r not balanced)
Tank Tank Tank Healer Assassin vs Tank Assassin Assassin Assassin Healer
Tank Healer Healer Healer Assassin vs Tank Assassin Assassin Assassin Healer
Tank Assassin Assassin Assassin Assassin vs Tank Tank Tank Assassin Assassin

and it doesnt look for ranged or mele (as far as i know)
so, even in the perfect comp of = tank healer assassin assassin support ,
there can b massive misbalance
Garrosh, Auriel, Aba, Thrall, Kerrigan VS Stitches, Morales, Medivh, Hammer, Orphea

Hammer’s Team will destroy the other, with medivh shields n morales healing.
Also bcoz the other doesnt have any ranged stuff,

it is almost impossible to balance everything, going into details n adding more filters n codes will only increase the queue time , n then, QM wont b quick anymore, hence, qm is rather unblanced mostly.

abt trolls n idiots n others, as this game is a team game, its best you play with frends :slight_smile:

i started doing tht, n its been really peaceful,

if i dnt hav frends online, i go brawl or qm,
n wht i get in qm, i simply dnt care,
better if i have hard counters or heroes against me who shut me down
like being li ming n having a zera on the other side
helps me try to see wht i can do against my counter,
so im a bit prepared when same situation comes in ranked :slight_smile:



I actually live by these rules in Heroes of the Storm

Oh by the way you should totally add Socforlife if you haven’t

I played a Ranked game with him and he was Lucio

I played as Arthas and we rocked the house together on Sky Temple!

Enemy had EXTREME DAMAGE but Socforlife was an AMAZING HEALER and the damage reduction talents I picked as Arthas really helped us combo well together

And Socforlife just in case you’re reading this:

Clipper here loves playing Quick Match and Ranked and he is quite an active and friendly player

He’s one of the few nice players keeping this game alive

I think you are wrong Clipper

I first started playing this game when Johanna was new and Quick Match was SO MUCH FUN back then

It was my favorite mode to play even!

But it’s not like that anymore because things have gotten so terrible lately especially on Quick Match

If nothing had happened or changed since then to the system I would be one of the first people playing Quick Match with you everyday

So many changes have happened and Quick Match isn’t even “Quick” anymore due to complaints from League of Legends players who keep trying to change our game into their game!