How can i win in this game?


there r more n more people shifting to HOTS from other moba, n hots, even though has similar game play, but the mechanics is different, theres no ONE MAN SHOW Here, which worked in other mobas,
n the new player (if coming from other moba) have tht ONE MAN SHOW mind-set,
n tht makes them toxic,

while others, who start HOTS as their first moba, well as i say

I never hate Noobs, even I was once an ultra-noob, I just hate blind n deaf players… A noob with ears n eyes is better than a non-noob without ears in this game :slight_smile:

n also, more n more people r shifting to ranked. QM is the most famous mode, its the mode every new player goes to, n as more ppl r shifting to ranked, more of them will play qm for TRYING out heroes, without having the urge to win, but the urge to try combos, n talents, without caring of their deaths or winning, bcoz for them, ranked is all it is…

MM issue is not entirely bcoz of the devs or HOTS i believe, yes, the "F-word"ed it up :smiley: , trying to make it better, n to add the tank-tank, healer-healer filters, also bcoz more n more heroes r coming, which makes it a problem to have a proper balanced match up, n tonnes of other things,

But, i have my hopes high for the next season :smiley:


Hanamura WAS a bad designed map. Not because of the “2 objectives” thing but because of how they did many mistakes on the map. Like no way to force the map to end (minions can’t push to core) so people can spawn camp the enemy without them be able to do anything. Towers of doom had an Tunnel mechanic to avoid that case and minions could push all towers so you can’t stall forever.

For Garden, the only thing I didn’t like is that you could simply have 2 objectives in a row without the enemy having anything to counter that. But it was a nice map otherwise and enabled some uncommon heroes (like TLV)


And what about haunted mines? At first that single lane golem push was bad since most of the time both teams would have one fully pushed lane and others barely touched. After the map rework it seemed fine to me, what was the map still lacking?


Problem was obvious at top level. Players, or rather “pro’s” stopped doing objective completely, and it became all about merc control and player push.

I.e. nobody could risk going below, because other team can simply ignore it, get mercs with good timing and push the lane so hard it becomes unrecoverable.


This could have been easily fixed by putting a tunnel in this map as well

Maybe a portal that is active right from the start

And you can’t spawn camp the enemy team completely especially since the enemy can go back and heal and then come back and deal damage

Enemy definitely has the advantage here and people who couldn’t defeat spawn campers with strategy arguably deserved to lose because it’s their fault that the game got to that point to begin with

If this was such a problem in Haunted Mines they could have just removed mercenaries completely and made Grave Golems stronger to fix this

Putting Sapper Camps obviously encouraged this behavior even further after they reworked Haunted Mines the first time!


Yes that’s the problem. They can’t lose if the enemy don’t want to end it. So they could be hold as hostages for that game!


bit of a cheeky question but what heroes were you playing and did you have a plan on what to do. How much focus did you put on the objectives. Did you have a hero that could lane, camp, kill other heroes or have any form of CC to control the game. The last question is did you communicate with other player through pings or writing messages? If yes to all above then I don’t know.


heh :laughing: dont be silly with such question!
Because even he use pings or messeges…
Even you ping would not help in half games.Even you ping,all rest from team mates are so slow in many game situacions.
Yes, i can agree,some player "lisen up"ping.
Even part of games,players NOT "lisent up " your pings. That makes your question silly.
And high % NOT use game chat!!!
Again that make you silly,with such question! heh :laughing:
Im sure you continue think,pings and chat or comunication help,but you are half right about!!

I would repeat again…


I strongly disagree with you buddy, communication is key in this game and most of the time players react what I write in chat or even when I ping. And you can’t just say that you are loosing because of “trash players” when you are forgetting that those “trash players” can also be in the enemy team.


Statements like this prove that you never knew much about Hanamura

When all fortifications were broken on an enemy lane a Sapper Minion spawned that would attack the core and end the game if enemy could not defend against it

If you are curious you can see it here

And considering Core only had seven hitpoints then it wouldn’t even be very long

And even if you had some hero who could kill allied minions to stop this they couldn’t keep stopping it forever

The game would end eventually

Even while ignoring this:

There are also two different exits from your base on Hanamura

If a whole team was so bad that they couldn’t escape from even a single one and was being held hostage for eternity then they were just choosing to be hostages instead of fighting back

In hindsight even assuming you are right:

Simply putting a portal towards the middle area just like in Towers of Doom would have fixed this instead of making all the ridiculous changes they have made now


heh :laughing: pal…im not agains communication…i know help,but players not use it!!
That mean they are trash.


I read it as a recommendation, with the use of word should.