Is this enough?


Hi, Blizzard. I heard that you don’t support rasism and nationalism. What will you say about this?: (2nd minute of the game)
Is this enough to get a good mute or ban?


We haven’t got the whole picture. You’re showing only the part where your mates have been toxic. How could we be sure you weren’t abusing the chat before that? No, their behaviour was neither good nor acceptable, but I assumed that was kind of responsiveness.


Just report such people for “Abusive Chat” and move on

There is no need to come to the forums and show it off


Its kinda against terms of service what you are doing… showing that publicly. Wouldn’t be surprised if you got forum ban for few days due to this.

Btw, you didn’t discover anything new, this is pretty much daily norm.


It is against ToS to name shame on the forums,so a ban will happen,or they delete/lock the thread witch is a slap on the wrist to the OP.

As was mentioned above,best is just to report and move on.

Also when you want for us to see links,and you have no permission,use <,> Preformatted text


Well I can understand his toxicity, Ruskies always speak in their language to insult instead a normal english just everyone does (also they keep speaking like that, even if we are in a EU Servers where there are many people who speak english). But there is a mistake, Was Stalin who killed intellectuals against the country.


Hi, this new thread was for technical support, they can get whole information from their servers.
And, btw, how to get whole log from replay with 100% assurance that nothing was cut?

Hi) Yes. But this time I want to be sure they will get their mutes.

So how can I get technical support with my question? I don’t know another way, can you tell me?

Thanks, It can be helpful)

You don’t know how does it feels when you write a long message and then realize your keyboard layout was wrond ;D
Sometimes, you can type N-times in English to somebody with cyrillic nickname and he will not understand. After this, you write the same thing in Russian and he starts to do right things and you win. I can understand how annoying it is, but fortunately, you always can press “mute” button and enjoy your game)
I think, the problem is in the way people learn Englis here, in schools and universities - very unnatural way, but… this is not the topic of our conversation))

Sorry for grammar mistakes)


Learn touch typing and this problem will never appear again. You’ll just be seeing what you’re typing. It doesn’t require much, it’s just like learning a game’s shortcuts. You’ll need no more than 15 min of exercises per day in both keyboard layouts. It will take you no more than a week.
And you’ll be able to chat easily in a game full of action.


I can understand you point of view, but idk i get irritate when I see Cyryllic :joy:


You didn’t get it.

What can I say? Catch my rays of compassion :rofl:


This is unlikely to ever happen for you


There is nothing of technical nature in your post. You are naming and shaming people publicly for their behavior, which is against ToS.

As people said in other posts, all you should and can do is report them from within the game. If it really bothers you, you make a ticket in customer support.

But posting such content for everybody to see, this is just down right mean and shameful.


You hadn’t answer on my question.

How can I talk about it with Technical support?

Now, every way to do it led me to forum with 6 different topics. And yes, TS was the most appropriate.

And I want to read where have you find it. Cause I haven’t found yet anything about posting screenshots.


Indeed…but this guy want report auto system work and punish them…:slight_smile:
Its "normal " for our human race…i too talk toxic ,sometime in voice chat…i not use in game chat!


Its “normal” for our human kind … we always
want fight witch other and the game ( HoTS) is like " used weapon".
We cant life if not make wars,fights all the time…as you know our history proof that.


What you are doing is a bit of a grey area really

Publicly naming and shaming is strictly against community guidelines

Letting a screenshot do that for you while strictly speaking may not be the same thing could be considered close enough if your topic gets enough attention to warrant punishing you


“Accusing named or otherwise identified individuals, guilds, etc. of dishonourable behaviour, such as cheating or “ninja looting”, will lead to post/thread deletion and a suspension. While such warnings may sometimes be warranted, allowing targeting of others in such a fashion is open to abuse and thus not allowed. You may present your point of view while preserving the anonymity of those involved, and let the reader decide whether to contact you for details”

Read more about community guidelines here


Thank you. First constructive answer)

Maybe, you can say, how long it takes to get the answer from TS on my question? 2 days left already(

About that rule, I think It was made to prevent cases, when somebody intentionally publish personal information and asks to hate that person.

In my case, I tried to provide useful information for TS, (in forum - because this is the only way to talk to TS now, anyway I still hadn’t find another way, but I will) to be able to understand the situation. Tried to save TS’s time.


Russian players very rarely speak any other language than their own and if they speak english it’s mostly insults or threats. So it’s hard to feel sorry.


wow abusive chat, who cares what ppl are saying just mute the chat easy, stop being baby’s and take it like a man.

How can one abuse the chat, when people have the option to disable chat", i serious don’t get that.


The same way people can get hurt while inside a vehicle during an accident when they could have chosen the option of walking instead

If you want to go somewhere fast you use a vehicle these days

Just like someone uses Team Chat to help their team working together

Chat is a wonderful thing when used correctly in the game

You are not asking to get into an accident just because you chose to get into a vehicle to get somewhere fast

So why would you want to turn chat off every single time one or two people are abusive in public chats?

This is why a report category exists for “Abusive Chat”

So people can get rid of the troublemakers and still have a friendly chat with the ones who aren’t abusive