Leoric basic attack animation bug


So this has been a good month or two (I think) that leoric’s basic attack animations seem bugged. i have no clue if it has been acknowledged or not by the devs or if its a feature, but pretty much, what happens is that leoric doesn’t do the triple cicle of basic attack animation, in fact theres one of the swings missing which can cause leoric’s basic attack combo to have these 2 types of animations: left swing - left swing - smash or smash - left swing - smash which both can repeat or switch at about any time. So what I think is happening, is that the game doesn’t remember the first animation and replaces it with the second and final hit animations.

TLDR: First animation on the cycle seems to be missing causing the animation cycle to replace the first swing with the second swing or the smash at random.


Hello Zlexand,

Please report this as a possible bug as described here. Unfortunately, this forum is not the right place for it. Please be aware that you might not get a response on the report, but it will be read.

Kind regards

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