Log-In error, DirectX 11 --windows XP detected instead of windows 10



I was playing this morning, everything went ok. Then I had to install some new software updates and received the error: msvcp120.dll missing (no worries, i put the library in the needed location again).
Then I tried to log into HOTS and I am receiving the following error: “Direct X 11 is not available on this machine … Direct X 11 is not supported under Windows XP” … Here is the report ID that I got :
Last time i got this i had to reset my Windows … I ain’t gonna do that every time this is happening.
I already tried to re-install the Direct X 11 driver, I tried to search for updates for it, I re-installed the Game and finally restarted my windows … DId anybody else encounter this matter?


I am facing the same issue, i have just reinstalled the game, but still the same error message…even though i have dx12…
I have reinstalled windows 10 as well not long ago because of this error and the high lagging issue, but nothing helps


Additionally, post your system info with DxDiag files.

Place the DxDiag between (~~~~), it should look like so:



Where did you get the library you added again?