[Main Thread] Bugged daily quests - Dec 2023

Am I the only one whoes progres in daily quest is not tracked? I played few games today with Vala and I have still 0/3 Diablo hero and 1/3 win.


same i got 0/3 healer support despite playing several games with those roles, also i did not get a new quest today

same here, does anyone have a fix or is anyone looking into this?

This is happening to me at the moment also, today and yesterday.

I already tried the following “solutions” google turned up.

  • logging out and back in again to battle net
  • restarting my computer
  • waiting a day

I also tried a complete uninstall and re-install of the game.

None of these have helped so far. I can still gain hero XP, but no quests are progressing.

I have currently “play 8 games”, “play 3 assassin”, “play 3 tank or bruiser”. I’ve tried at least 6 games over 2 days with a variety of bruisers, tanks and assassins and nothing has progressed.

my play 8 games quest is from the 23rd of Dec, and it’s currently stuck at 3/8 the others are stuck at 0/3.

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Have the same problem. Quest not progressing in any game mode and Im not getting any new daily quests as well.

same here. Daily Quests are bugged. Hope there is a dev that would look into that.
But my bet is not before new year.

Same, tried the solutions listed. Still not working. Blizz please.

Same since some days.
Research on google shows that this already happens in the past but all “fixes” don’t work.

Same here, thought I was going crazy for a second. The funniest thing is that it stopped recording a win 3 games while being 2/3

So, i gues i’m not the only one. Hope they fix it soon.

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you know we are currently investigating this issue. We do not have an ETA on a resolution but any additional information we get will be posted here.

Nepřidávaj se mi nové questy a staré jsou zaseknuté a nejdou dokončit


Thank you for the update. “any additional information” is what exactly? I mean it looks that the issue is easy to reproduce :smiley:

Hi, I have the same problem here, could you please help us fix it?

Any news or compensation due to the missed opportunities to earn gold?

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same problem here…support quest in progress 0/3 since 5 days, and no new quest

Same here, daily quest stuck at 4/8 games, 0/2 warcraft, no new quest for 3 days (i.e. the 3rd quest slot is empty). I also tried Storm League because that game mode was supposed to complete any quest regardless of the character used, but no progress was made. And even though the Storm League screen says I got 3 wins, the seasonal quest line says 2/50 wins. So it seems that the seasonal quest line is stuck as well.

New player here i got the Complete AI quests not working

And as a new player really horrible i cant earn gold so i can begin playing stormleague

my quests are also not working for more than two weeks now. It’s really unfair to not gain any gold from quest hope you can fix this soon

today i got a new quest and after playing a game my quests finally progressed, so it seems its fixed
thank you

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