Most broken launch character ever?


We all know the $$$ strat: launch broken charecter, all the 12 year olds buy it to “dominate”, Blizz make $$$ and then nerf a week later (well, sometimes…).

So, Malganis the litteraly unkillable atfter level 10, got me thinking: what’s the most broken hero they’ve released?


This is sooooo far away from the truth. Mal’ganis is NOT op even in the slightest. Try to play a hero with a stun, see how OP he is then.
I really hope they don’t listen to people like you and destroy another hero with undeserved nerfs.


there is not enough data to say at this point.

i think he will get a far to high winrate - but just speculation at this point (just played him in try mode - he seems strong - but might be wrong).
blizzard probably knows how strong or weak he really is

55% wr is tolerable for release
60-65 not

it might be another fenix - i hoped blizz are working serious now with releases - and i still hope (as i said not enough data)

but im ready to get disappointed

right now on hotslogs hl games: 34 wins 19 losses 64,2% winrate - still to few games to tell for sure - but it kinda looks like it will be a 60+ launch again …


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:sweat: <-- your skill


How can you have zero post though? You just posted this thread.


You have a lot to learn if you think either Dark Conversion or Carrion Swarm make him even remotely unkillable.


He is very much way beyond OP. I dont have a win vs him as of now. There is no other hero that can CC your entire team and when in a combo with a strong magician like KTZ to cast his spells you dont have a lot of moves aside from watching the game for the death duration of your hero…


OP and another hero with multiple CC abilities when there already is an insane amount of CC.

Playing a melee character really isn’t fun anymore. You can’t do shit with all this CC in a team fight.


Stuns kill Mal’Ganis instantly? sweet thanks for the info.


Title is a “clickbait”, though I get the frustration and the point = the overreaction is quite realistic

Most OP hero on release BY FAR was Thrall (he could have 1v4 often by himself and not die lol), other than that Fenix takes just as much the spot in the HoF of most OP heroes on release… He had at a point something like 69% WR, Mal’Ganis struggles to get to even 60% mark though

Although I agree, it’s bad to have such an unbalanced hero release, on the other hand if the hero is SLIGHTLY overtuned is probably the sweetest spot for a new hero release cause ppl will buy it and as long as not drastically changed but a few slight nerfs here and there = then that’s the “sweet spot” around which a hero release should probably be


Agree with VArsovskiSC

There has been quite some overpowered heroes if you track all the way back to Alpha and Beta and onwards. It is hard, if not impossible to remember them all, unless someone has documented every single hero release %-stats from week1s.

There has also been sub 50% hero releases, but they are a minority, it creates better sales to be overpowered and then tune back, rather than the other way around.


lol… he pressed R, 1 auto atk. And 1 shot me. So disgusting that health swap bullsh1t.


Its basic thing they do with every new hero, first couple week its op… unbeatable and after a couple weeks they nerf it so far that it sucks and after a month it gets a good balance


Meanwhile, players like me who commonly employ CC champions typically laugh at Mal’Ganis. He has no ranged play, is prone to cc/kiting, has less damage than most bruisers and relies heavily on initiating on bunched up heroes to reap the most benefit. His initiates are both predictable and interruptible, with ults mostly serving as self-preservation. In short, another hero that simply falls into the ‘annoying’ category that are fun in Quick-Match but not as impressive as people believe them to be once thrust into ranked environments.


I can only say his self sustain is OP but otherwise his ability kit is not OP.
His health steal is a bit op and should be adjusted but that is what we have the first week of release for. I hope this gets adjusted but the only thing disappointing me at this point is that his Q ability is Fel Claws instead of Carion Swarm like in Warcraft 3

If you look at Dreadlord abilities in that game you can easily see that this hero could have had his ability kit done better.

Personally I would put Q on Carion Swarm like it was originally.
I would move Fel Claws to W
His sleep walk (as I call it) could be on E as it probably is (I don’t have him so I don’t know the ability keys)
His trait could be as it is.

His first heroic would be what it is now and his second heroic would be summoning the Infernal Fel Meteor with a modification that if it should kill 5 minion on impact or a single or more heroes it would spawn a merc level Infernal that would push the lane/closest lane and prioritize attacking nearby heroes.

This would be a much better skillset for him and much closer to War3/WoW.


After playing with and against Mal’ganises I can tell you his strengths and weaknesses and how to deal with him.

1st up his ultimates.
Dark Carrier Wave.
This is actually a pretty broken ultimate… considering it vs his other Ult.
It’s a garuntee “avoid your death and get healed” ult with the onlly way of medigating it is avoiding him completely and not bunching up around him.
There is no TRUE counterplay… The counterplay is to let it happen and make him waste it.

Dark Conversion.
A powerfull ultimate that punnishes you for focusing Mal’ganis too soon.
If anything even if he casts it. He isn’t instant healed… so as long as you beat him after the cast. He will die regardless… sure 1 hero’s HP is really low and htey may have to back out… but you started hitting the Mal’Ganis reaally hard to begin with.

It’s simple… don’t let Mal’ganis get lower then 40% to medigate it during teamfights. Or save a stun or silence for when he casts it you can interrupt him and kill him after.
It’s a super high risk/reward thing and if he uses it WRONG he heals you insted.
Imagine him using it on a full health zul’jin but zul’jin activates his talent and ult making him lose more HP% then Mal’ganis. Suddenly Zul’jin gets a minor heal and Mal’ganis is boned.

As for his basic gameplay style. He’s bruiser/tank type with high self sustain.
Just keep him rooted and silence to disrupt him. Blind him to nullify his melees.
He’s actually not that hard to deal with as long as you let him hit you but in exchange you do more damage.
Heck in 1 team league game I was against the Gm #32 (Probaly boosted) and every exchange he did with me. He went into me as a damage Lili but I damaged him and healed it off where as he lost hp. Sure he was cleaning my lane but he was losing resources for the teamfight.

He is also really bad vs poking and long range since he has a decent gap closer, he doens’t have a leap at all. This probaly his biggest weakness being a tank/bruiser combo. The fact he can’t get to his targets if you simply keep him away from them.

So quick notes:

  • Don’t group up around eachother if Mal’ganis attacks.
  • Punish his aggresiveness.
  • If Dark conversion is selected negate him by stunning him or not lowering his hp
  • Use heroes like Ana to stop his healing especially after Dark Conversion
  • Keep your distance and poke him to death.


Mal’ganis made me stop playing HotS…Im not sure I’ll get back to it even after nerf (if there will be one)…


Don’t group up around eachother if Mal’ganis attacks = Avoid all the teamfights?
It’s easy. All you have to do is make all your teenage teammates to do so.


just out of curiousity, what fo you do against the other heroes that punish opponents clustering together? I can imagine the KT’s have a field day with your teams…


if {enemy team chooses malganis in draft mode};
then {select brightwing and hex him to hell and back};
if {QM};
then {you’re screwed and/or out of luck};
return 0