Most broken launch character ever?


It’s actually called poking and not crowding up.
it’s why heroes like let’s say Kael’thas does amazing in lower ranks but not in higher ranks. Cause people crowd up and make it easy to get combo’d to death by his Fire bomb spread and flamestrikes.

So if you fight Mal’ganis don’t be next to eachother, making it harder for him to do his soaking and damage.
Unless you are 5 melee but then you litterly drafred wrong.
You can easily deal with mal’ganis as a mage or ranged player.
Heck I delt with hiim as a damage lili >_>’
Says enough.


I don’t really have a lot of knowledge in terms of ranked or draft teams but in qm mal’ganis has sustain, cc, damage and the ability to tank.

If he’s annoying in draft or ranked or unranked where you can build a team and set up counters, quick match is a thing like it or not and mal’ganis much like varian if tagged as a team of two or more men and you get a usual qm comp you’ll lose that game if the players aren’t braindead on the enemy team.

I can understand why people don’t want him nerfed because of how he’s behaving in draft teams but he has too much of what makes a character strong and I think he needs to be tuned down a notch.

Now I’ve won only one game against a mal’ganis in qm I think and The comp was Ana to remove his healing, tyrael for sanc and keep the dps cc free and alive, zul’jin, valeera to silence him and sylvanas with the mind control.

That kind of set up is one out of a hundred in qm you can’t just say he’s not overtuned when his kit has so much in it that can be exploited in even small organised set up.


60-70% pick rate on certain talents on talent-rows suggests imbalance. Always have, its not healthy and tells a story of how majority of people goes after a certain build.

In Mal’ganis’ case these talents are; Fueled by Torment, Will of Tichondrius and Carrion Swarm. What do they all have in common? Life steal. Players know stacking this gives immense sustainability vs multiple enemies, making him hard to kill on top of his mobility and damage. He needs a dial back on certain numbers, else most of his kit is perfectly fine.

I can imagine with level difference, he starts to get near the unstoppable border, capable of 1v3, sustaining, getting kills and getting away with it. Almost like early Varian.


i just dislike the stun on his Q.
Not needed for a tank to have that when his E is cc.


you mean like anub got cc on his escape too? Are you trying to say that Anub should have his stun removed too by your line of reasoning?


Anub has unstoppable on his E.
Where as Mal’ganis can be stunned during all his CC.


Why is KT a popular pick in pro league then, shill.


Because anyone who honestly believes that ‘clumping up’ is a prerequisite of Kael being picked clearly doesn’t understand how great a zoner he is, how solid his wave-clear is and how much influence he can bring with good positioning, even when doing minimal damage and/or fighting scattered targets. There is a reason why Kael has been consistently popular in almost every meta during competitive play. “Bunching Up” is an enemy mistake/concern - and isn’t always unavoidable. Of course, a good Kael would look for such opportunities, but they don’t sit around whining and doing nothing just because the enemy aren’t clumped in a Q-worthy 5man bundle. It’s not like any good team would be in such a position very often anyway.

As for Mal’Ganis, he is prone to kiting and control, with a kit that is entirely predictable, entirely interruptible (bar one ultimate - if he even gets to cast it), and doesn’t pack half as much punch as other options. Yes, he’s a solid dueller, bully and laner - but to call him OP would require being a QM player who constantly gets randomized teams that have absolutely no answer for him, which applies to multiple heroes in HotS, or any randomized mode in any MOBA for that matter.

It’s not uncommon for Mal to go unbanned or even unpicked by versed teams in ranked modes at the moment. Anyone with “instalock Mal” mentality will very likely encourage an instant anti-healing+CC comp that will laugh at his shenanigans if the team are even remotely capable of drafting appropriately. The problem is, even in ranked, a lot of people don’t give the drafting process the respect it deserves, in which case it is the fault of themselves, not the heroes they face.

As far as I’m concerned, Mal falls into that sub-category I call “just annoying” - but again, he will transcend annoying into monstrous if last-picked vs suitable comps, or you wade into Quick Match and get absolutely no CC or counter-play, no different to how people complain(ed) about Genji, Tracer and various other heroes who relish total freedom during team-fight chaos.


I’m not buying it. Hotslogs shows he has a consistently high winrate at all levels. Thanks for slamming Kotlol though.


Agree with Ropedrink regarding KT. He feeds off people tree-hugging each other. Phoenix is great zoning, his E talents on 4 got buffed. FS build into Ignite and Flamethrower gives safety net. It plays well into his fantasy as crazy-fire wielding mage throwing out burning chaos. That is exactly what happens when Ignites start to spread, people having to dodge flamestrikes as well. People get out of position and you can punish them.

Pyroblast is also very fun to play with, but sadly a lot of counters. I’ve played KT since Beta, both when he was broken, Phoenix was strong until nerf, Pyro days, double D infinite W days, to current iteration where we’re back with a well-rounded approach to his kit, using all the buttons to achieve result. He is in a good spot, I love that all my buttons have meaning. #neverforgethugecloakhitbox


Oh I wasn’t attacking him, just that nonsensical KT post.

Those numbers won’t normalize in a week. The trend has always been for people to form opinions immediately after release, which tends to bloat the stats. Once everyone has adapted – to playing as him as well as facing him – you then start ebbing towards the real figures when players are adept at using him, but also at countering him appropriately. I’ve met quite a lot of 75%+ winrate Mal’s in ranked (even in if it’s just scrubby Diamond rank) - and had a blast smashing that winrate with anti-healing CC comps who make his shenanigans a nightmare to pull off without trading heavily in our favour.

I’m certainly not saying he isn’t deserving of tweaking of some degree, but I wouldn’t call him even close to OP. At the moment I regard him as a more mobile Yrel (who works in a similar vein but has more obvious problems than Mal does). They fit into an ‘annoying’ category where, sure, I’d rather not fight them, but I know there are tools in the shed to handle them. As said earlier however, the issue is that people are still in the new-hero mentality and/or not giving draft the respect it deserves.


Nope, still not buying it. It’s painfully easy to know what abilities are strong and not. And how that boils into complete heroes. Veterans can do it easily. Just because competive players and fanbois can type some words in defense doesn’t mean the hero is or isn’t departed from an obvious foundation felt to be a mark other heroes are designed to meet after balance patches.

Funny how the fanbois don’t rally to defend underpowered heroes and how underpowered releases get boosted heavily. Few examples exist like Yrel and HANZO because of how rarely it happens. But the fanbois never say learn the hero. The smart people do. Fanbois always say people just have to learn how to play against a 60% winrate OP hero.


Well you can rest assured I’m not trying to sell it to you - above is my experience/view and that won’t change until Mal does. Agree to Disagree and all that rot. Don’t worry - I’m aware my own look is merely a portion of the global picture, but from where I’m sitting and from what I’ve been playing since release, his ban/pick frequency is lessening, teams are becoming aware of numerous methods to make his life miserable, and his kit still remains both predictable and interruptible (but note - that isn’t saying ‘bad’ or ‘weak’).

It is also fair to assume that as high as his rates are, they will lessen after the adaptation period with or without tweaks - but by how much remains to be seen. If the rates remain consistently high after the grace-period, then you can expect nerfs by default no matter what our opinions are.

As for the rest, unsure if you’re making a general statement or referring to me specifically, but I’ve done my fair-share of advocation for supposed ‘lesser’ heroes and certainly have no time or energy for fanboism, though I do make a habit of calling out what I believe to be bull, regardless of who such posts attack or defend. Most of my previous seasons involved being on teams telling me off for going sub-meta - at least until the victory screen where people tend to chill out a bit.

Every hero has their place in this glorified match of paper-rock-scissors.


I got no beef with you.


I’m not sure I understood you correct. Did you call Hanzo underpowered?


I don’t see how KT could be a bad pick unless literally every enemy pick is his direct counter.

As said above, even without dealing massive damage he is still a force to be reckoned with, that is until he starts his monologue.


A mere setback.



You haven’t seen Thrall after release with battle momentum at lvl 7. He was capable to 1 vs 5 teams and leave fights with full health with longer stun with sundering and amazing healing from his passive. Mal’Ganis is no near of him.


No, I said they’re either oppressive or nerfed into the dumpster.


Unless I missed a post, doesn’t Ana heavily counter him?