Most broken launch character ever?


Not really, statis (cough Invulnerable really cough) during the healing ulti.


She’s great at making his job much, much harder - particularly with CC comps that can capitalize on her bio-grenades (anti-healing).

Her sleeping darts, blind or slow talent, and sleep @ 5 stacks can interrupt him very frequently and/or prevent his autos. She’s also one of the longer-ranged supports, meaning he has a hard time stopping her from doing her job unless her team are letting him dive for free.

If I see Mal’Ganis picked, Ana is my go-to support. She also pairs very well WITH Mal’Ganis as his CC makes her darts easier to land and she can typically buff him/debuff opponents during his shenanigans without having to be near him to keep him topped up. In short, if you’re picking Mal, you’d do well to ban (or pick/deny) Ana.


They launched an update today with no Nerf. I guess I keep playing Fortnite until it get’s fixed. Blizzard makes this game unplayable 8 times a year and wonders why the player count drops.


Are you really comparing anub’s e stun with a E that can cc all that comes into contact with for more than 2sec regardless if you are in a designated area (don’t forget he gets movement speed on his E)
Pls rethink that.
Or compare a skillshot with a skill that has a swipe stun + healing attached?


It is a trend across entire video game developer industry. When a company prefers money over integrity. You can only respect gamers getting woke and making good individual choices.

Xypha mentions some of the core issues, there are several mechanics from different heroes baked into a single skill for Mal’ganis, making him better vs older heroes, or rather making older heroes obsolete 1.0 picks.

His kit and playstyle isn’t necessarily bad, he is just overstat’ed on mechanics on very few abilities.


Mal’ganis sleep should be distruptable with Blaze’s E. Not the other way.


Today I noticed Greymane’s Disengage can get him out of Zaryas Graviton Surge thingie. Have noticed Mal’ganis’ E doesn’t care about a lot of CC disruption, and there is no status effect to the ability.


To your question: Wh[o]'s the most broken hero they’ve released (before their nerf)? Although I don’t agree some of them, but these were some, if not all, of the game-breaking heroes during their initial release.

Malganis: Blind as a bat and Carrion Swarm
Fenix: Plasma Cutter build
Maiev: Umbral Bind plus Warden’s Cage
Hanzo: Explosive Arrow
Garrosh: Groundbreaker and Wrecking Ball combo
Malthael: Reaper’s mark melts all Warriors back in the days.
Genji: Hyper mobility
Ragnaros: BY FIRE BE PURGED!!!
Varian: Twin Blades
Samuro: Mirror image and Bladestorm
Tracer: Hyper mobility
Liming: Ess of Johan (When Arcane Orb damages enemies, they are pulled toward its center.)
Sylvanas: Wailing Arrow had high damage and silents for a long duration

Kerrigan and Diablo were very OP back in Alpha, but that was too long ago.




to be fair, KT being overpowered was because people couldn’t figure out how to move away from each other, so they kept spreading bombs to each other all the time.

Notice how in high level play these days that unlimited bomb spreading KT doesn’t seem to be so hot these days, even though you could still lay waste to a noob team with it where they kept hugging each other like in that video.


You forgot Tracer at release killer stacks not dropped when deaded and increased to 10 stacks up to 25% damage boost.


Kael’thas or (Alpha version) Nazeebo. Both could easy 1v5.


No one mentions how broken Probius used to be.
Why? cause no one knew how he worked but I did.

Now a days he has more counters and been nerfed too heavily on his ults and self sustain. Wich is sad :frowning:



Li-ming at lunch.
If your asking you proba didnt look it up, but her nerfs (so many of them) were to address multiple issues :

  • Her dmg reduction on buildings is because she is able to HIT from out of their range and dealt SO much dmg to them, she could down all towers at lvl 1 in about 2min with rotation.
  • Her spell shield was broken AF as she could just not be killed by caster gaining SO many stacks with a single Q
  • her TP build was EVEN more powerfull than it is right, and gived more shield, greater range and greater AOE and had more health.
  • Her talent 20 use to give her more dmg bonus.
  • Her mana usage was ridiculous as she could just finish a game WITHOUT returning EVER to base

When ppl found out about her range and TP build she was just a train in games, there was literally no way to stop a player who knew those two things.

IF your looking for a “top” broken hero list :

  • Li ming
  • Xul
  • Samuro
  • Fenix


You forgot Ess of Johan :smiley:


I play MG and have played against him. Yes there are cases where he managed to hold 3 heroes but I have seen Blaze, Muradin, Garosh, Diablo, Leoric do exactly the same. His heroic is bothersome (as most heroics in the game) but it can be accounted for and adequately countered. So far out of 20-30 games including him I have seen roughly 3 where he was the deciding factor and it was clearly the player and the composition.

Now to your question about released OP heroes, my money goes to Tracer. She was a monster. Fenix is close but Tracer is the real winner… I see nothing wrong with new chars being slightly OP. The problem is that after that they are being nerfed beyond playability, which sux for everyone who bought them. Balancing them an ongoing battle.


This. She was almost unbeatable at the right hands with much more terrifying burst potential and siege damage. Here’s how they nerfed her:

  • Ess of Johan removed
  • Magic Missiles damage scaling reduced from 3.5%/lvl to 3%/lvl on top of doing 50% less damage to structures
  • Old Tal Rasha’s Elements ability power decreased from flat 20% to 10%
  • Diamond Skin shield amount decreased from 25% to 20%
  • Astral Presence from 50% to 25% threshold
  • Disintegrate’s cooldown increased from 20s to 30s
  • Temporal Flux reduced from flat 60% slow to 40% and into gradually going up to 60%
  • Calamity AoE reduced by 10% and only to do damage against heroic targets
  • Illusionist minimum amount of damage required incresed from 15% to 20%
  • Arcane Orb’s damage reduced by 10% overall, from 150 to 135 and from 450 to 405 at max range

EDIT: Oh also the regen globe nerfs effected her mana management too


I rarely run out of mana with her, I use Orbs snipe build tho.


It was just crazy, i find it hard to belive that they didnt release it as it was just to boost some sells.

God damn game was just broken at that time.


In my skill-bracket (high diamond) Malganis is definitely not the god-tier hero you describe.

Like many others have said, if you have some stuns in your team, and you layer them properly, he will go down easily enough.

I thought he was strong after seeing 1 match against him, but after I played against him 5 times, he’s just another tank in my eyes. As long as you are aware of his toolkit and how to play against his abilities/heroics, I find him easier to deal with than other tanks.