Most Fun Hero to Play


I enjoy Auriel, Chromie and Tyrande


God damm Garosh or Blaze…even Murky sometimes


Tyrande, Kel’Thuzad, Maiev, and some Sylv mbe :slight_smile:


i at most enjoy playing as zul’jin…hots really needs more trolls


I see what you did there.


Varian, he has 3 completely different builds. In Quick Match you can adjust to team compositions and map when the game starts.


Sergeant Hammer is most fun hero.

And if you disagree… “Why don’t you go 30 yards that way and stand real still.”


I will never ever play Sgt. Hammer again just because of irritating wannabe cool voice lines. Hell, it’s painful enough to listen to it, when my ally has Sgt. Hammer.


Same with Varian lol, quite a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


Currently promoting Ragnaros, The Unloved.


Raynor is insanrey fun - you just shoot people and they die.


And he is also very deep. You shoot peoples to hurt them, push them away when they’ll get close, heal when you are at low HP and summon spaceship for teamfights.

It were brilliant idea to make champion who is good enough for pro play and has skill floor somewhere in basement.


Doesn’t matter which game you pick. From Pudge to Blitzcrank to Stitches; whoever has hook is the most fun.


So I take it you hate playing any hero but Murky?


I won’t play Hammer cuz she got robbed of her capital ability, whiners won, nuff said.
Now she’s only useful with napalm just the way americans like it, BFG was a universal heroic with a large cooldown, now it’s a dumbed down planet cracker.


Didn’t agree with BFG changes, if they thought it did too much siege damage, simply add modifier like 0,x on structural damage. Li-Ming got that treatment. The modifier can be tweaked vs match length time.


Jinx :grinning::grin::wink::thinking:


unfortunately the outcry was so high they decided to make it an anti infantry giant bullet. Straight out of a cartoon.


For me right now, it’s definitely Mephisto. Killing an enemy with Consume Souls is soooooo satisfying, especially at Level 20! :relieved: And when the enemy team has an Abathur, of course. :wink:



Level 20 Zeratul W Build