Most Fun Hero to Play


Ragnaros, Ana and Alex.


I did enjoy Mephisto on last rotation, currently trying to get some Unranked games going daily. Usually picking Raynor, Uther, Muradin or Jaina. And yes, the latter three is defo down to the alliance WoW factor! Nah, j/k, but they are old heroes, solid foundation.

Raynor: usually good survivability, a bit movement speed, poke, Q-interupt and many drafts I see lack a sustained damage dealer to “keep the pressure up” to quote the man himself. Hyperion good zoning.

Uther: the armor nerf wasn’t warranted, it was too big, i do want to see either +5 back or +0,5. His mana consumption is outrageous, causing Silver Touch pick, but the really hidden gem with him is Holy Shocking. It is amazingly good. Both ulties good, either classic-conservative shield or do the lockdown CC train smash with d-storm.

Muradin: is in a good spot. I previously played him damage with haymaker, 300% clap and its quite strong. These days I’m going max tank, healing, third wind and utilizing that improved trait to heal myself back up, then going in again. Skullcracker is quite neat because its frustrating to have against you, interrupts although delayed stuff like Jugs, abilities etc. Good dive, good dmg-soak, escape, stun, mediocre damage, during Avatar good health/armor.

Jaina: I play triple frostbolt talents, I like the poke, pierce, CDR, it gives sustained damage, extra range for safety, and snipe-kills, better kiting. I don’t like her 20s though. Good lane-clearer and some nifty burst spelldamage with combinations of her abilties. You could frostbolt into root-Cone, or Cone-frostbolt or frostbolt-blizzard. Or the biggest one: Ring of Frost, Blizzard, Cone, Frostbolt. everything you got. I’m not quite sure about the ordering, but land stuff, you kill stuff. Her Iceblock is good too, but takes quite a while if you’re behind in a game to unlock. She can solo merc too, don’t think many know that.


Does anyone actually use the other heroic ?
I never see it used, It looked good in the spotlight but when I tried it I was so damn disappointed. I would change that to Orb of Frost or something.


Kelthuzad…the one skeleton bomb show the game provides


Currently enjoying Orphea gameplay.
Girl has appetite XD


I like Zarya, and also Rehgar. I wish blizzard would do something about bloodlust though, as even when it synergises well with your team, not having ancestral heal is too much of a loss. And I like to roast people with a blowtorch which makes some funky noises as it powers up.


Regarding Rehgar, same with Uther. Any support being over-used by the 1% eSports scene, gets the nerf-hammer. It is that simple. They call it revamps as a disguise though.

Regarding Orphea, first game I didn’t care to read anything, just random talents, random buttons pressing. Second game after getting an idea, went Q-talents to try the dancer-build style. I started to notice brokenly short CD on ultimates, and also she reminded me of Li-Ming in several aspects. Combinations of ability damage, her 7 talent much like Dominance, the ability to blow someone up quickly, the high skillceiling dictated by landing your skillshots. Also cooldown reduction talents, damage increase talents to push that playstyle. Definitely certain similarities.

The orphan daughter of Li-Ming I’d jokingly call her, both to please Asian marked as well, so there is that too.


That’s how I learned to play her, the Q build with Chomp quest, best build and most fun XD


All types of undead creatures~
Vampire skins are my favourite.
Arthas and Valeera!


I like playing Valeera when I fight against Butcher XD

BTW, my fav picks to fight Butcher:

The silly games I put him through are so much fun XD


There, fixed it for you :smiley:


I first mained Butcher, then they ‘reworked’ him and particularly his meat quest and now it’s too easy to shut him down and I stopped playing him.

Then I mained Varian, then they reworked him and changed him from having 2.5 viable heriocs to only 1, so I stopped playing him.

Then I mained Diablo. And as little said about his rework the better. He’s trash now.

Currently I play a lot of Fenix. Which means based on previous patterns he’s now due for a rework which will make him useless.


So I had a funny game now with Orphea. Lost the game because healer went afk for a few mins, but otherwise a fun match.

Orphea played right, even with the nerf AND sneak nerf on her chomp, is still a force to be reckoned with. 1v1 she pretty much can take down anyone, especially if you bait enemies with below 25% on your Orphea while withholding 3 stacks of chaos.

1v1 Murky = Murky killed 5 times before he decided to go to another lane, where I caught him another few times.

1v1 KT = KT is too easy to chomp, his hp is quite low but his chains and spells are enough to give him time to escape, unless you stay and bait with low hp and 3 stacks of chaos :smiley: for 4 kills total.

1v1 Lucio = I dunno why lucio tries to be dps so much, killed him 3 times even with his barrier. CHAOS REIGNS!

1v1 Garrosh = I never thought killing Garrosh was so much fun, soloing against him is actually tricky because of his weird sustain and armor, BUT! Dead Magic talent doesn’t give a damn about his armor XD 2 kills, I think the player got frustrated the second time and simply avoided me.

By this time I had 140 stacks of chomp so next dish:

1v1 Thrall = This is hard, not to laugh, either the player is bad or I was much better, and I still learn to play Orphea. 4 kills 2x chomps.
Thrall relies on his spells too much, chain lightning hits me once so it’s easy, with one chomp I take 3 chaos stacks so healing is not the problem, his wolves only make it easier for me to hit him with another chomp, so I think it was just a case of a bad player cuz teh fight was stationary, I could easily outheal his damage:
DREAD + WALTZ = 3 stacks = heal
Chomp = 3 stacks = heal

dude didn’t move much and by the time he realized he has no chance it was already too late.

Does Orphea need more nerfing ? I doubt it, there are many counterplays against her already, the sneak nerf on chomp stacks (you get 10 stacks for hero kill instead of 40, description error and patch notes say absolutely nothing about this) and no more double chomp is enough of a nerf, people simply don’t watch her damage.
Ancestral Strength is the mainstream lvl 1 talent for Orphea and when people don’t check what talents their enemies take they doom themselves.

From what I noticed Orphea doesn’t do well against: Tracer, Jaina, Stitches, Arthas. Pretty much anyone that can keep her slowed while chasing and catch up to her very quickly. That doesn’t mean those heroes are easy killing machines against her as Orphea can even outdamage Butcher’s sustain heal and that’s something. Butcher’s biggest advantage over Orphea is his silence heroic, for Orphea silence debuff is actually lethal but a lot of people disregard it and a few heroes have it. Generally slow and silence are the easiest ways to kill Orphea.

Still fun hero to play.




(20 characters, jesus)


And he shall answer with a like.


I like:
Ragnaros (unless I’m the only melee in team:/ and it happens often).
Alarak (again if I’m surrounded by ranged no fun)
SYlvanas (I love how gratyfying to play marksmans are in mobas. safe, easy to pick out kills and have crazy good range/mobility/damage/endurance ratio)
I plan to play Imperius untill he will get standard new hero treatment (nerf in next patch after his release).


In last time really low % peoples play The Lost Vikings… they are too so fun + that they assist alot for 1 win game…:slight_smile:


I enjoy playing Murky. I am almost unbeatable in QM and he becomes so powerfull with Toxic Buildup. I wish that he will get Black Lagoon Baseline as it’s base range is melee like.


I really enjoy Malthael. I’m not really good as him yet, but I probably won’t improve if I don’t play him, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

But he can be soooo satisfying, especially Last Rites.

Yesterday I melted an almost full-health Sonya when I hunted her down and killed her with LR. :drooling_face:

Also: Butcher. Once you complete your quest, he only gets more and more unstoppable with every kill. Especially with the chaining-ult.

I mean, I have a 75-80% winrate with Butcher. (And I’m really not a pro-player at all)

FRESH MEAT :cut_of_meat:


I love Mathael. 150 lvl with 58,7% wr.
Also I really enjoy Imperius, Tyrael and Auriel :slight_smile:
They are really cool