My HOTS game is not displaying on the whole screen

Hi, Today i tried to play HOTS, and it keeps decreasing the size of the game, so it goes from full screen to the top left part of the screen with large black banners to the right and bottom. There is also a huge ammount of lag related to this transition. It happens a few seconds after i go into the game, even if i don’t do anithing.
I tried playing it on windowed, but the mouse scrolling is almost non responsive.
I tried:

  • re-installing the game
  • deleting all “variables.txt” i could find.
  • restarting a couple of times
  • checking my Nvidia 2070 drivers. they are all upto date.
  • checking other games like Diablo 4, Path of exile. Only HOTS has this issue.
    nothing worked,

Hey there,

So pretty much one of two things is likely happening here.

Something is corrupting the settings for the game. The usual suspects would be any cloud sync or security software that monitors and manages the documents folder where the settings for the game are stored.

A common thing we see is Onedrive resyncing a corrupt copy of those settings files.

  1. Open Onedrive (re-enable if you disabled it)
  2. Go into settings and deselect the Heroes of the Storm Folder under documents so that Onedrive does not try to manage them.
  3. Exit/close/disable Onedrive
  4. Open the documents folder for your user in File Explorer(Right click Windows start, choose File Explorer)
  5. Delete the Variables.txt under Heroes of the Storm)
  6. Empty the recycle bin and retest the game.


There is a program on the system that provides game performance enhancements or tweaks settings or provides an overlay that can interfere with the game client’s use of the GPU or that can alter the game settings at or just before launch.

I cannot see your system so I cannot say what might be contributing but check any such programs out and even temp uninstall them then clear the variables data again.

You compare Blizzard support a few years ago and Blizzard “support” these days, and you literally want to puke. Useless, unhelpful, dismissive… I could continue. Not at all interested in any sort of stuff that would indicate their pride in the company’s product. Mere functionaries sitting there drawing pay and copy pasting their responses with a bit of personal flare.

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