No sound after update


There is no sound in hots anymore on my computer after last update. I’ve checked that both sound and music is enabled, I’ve reset everything in config --> sound to defaults and still no sound. Under output device there is nothing except “Default”. Sound works fine in windows and World of Warcraft.

I first tried to clear cache, then restart computer and finally reinstalling the game to no avail.

My computer is an Alienware 15 R3, the integrated sound card is Realtek Audio.

As stated it worked fine before, was broken after last update.

DXDiag showed no issues, results are here:

https:// pastebin .com/BRTHJk3V



Hey Lachdanan,

Do you have any speakers/headset connected to your computer? Could you try and re-connect those (Switch USB port if connected through USB).

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


Thanks for the reply. No, I don’t have any speakers connected, either through jack, usb or bluetooth. Only peripheral I have is a logitech universal receiver for my mouse. And as stated, sound works everywhere else, including wow and overwatch.

It doesn’t work if I connect headphones either sadly


Let’s try a few things. Have a look into the Advanced Troubleshooting steps here (compatibility mode and double checking communication devices in Windows).

After doing that, let’s delete the Variables.txt from the Documents\Heroes of the Storm file path. Once done, open the Blizzard Desktop App and click the blue logo at the top left. Click on Settings and from the new window, click on Game Settings. Find Heroes of the Storm, and click on Reset In-Game Options.
Test the game again afterwards.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


I went through the advanced troubleshooting, but it was not applicable as sound in general works, also through other blizzard games. I tried removing variables.txt and resetting in-game options. When I logged in I could see that the options were reset, but still no sound or devices under settings --> sound. Only the “default” option. Really strange and a shame as I was just getting back into hots after a pause. Not fun to play without sound :slight_smile:

Complete reinstall didn’t help either.

Update from my end: A windows update borked both my wifi and sound drivers that somehow only affected hots. After a force reinstall of stock drivers instead of the ones from microsoft the sound is working again!

Thank you for your help and time, much appreciated :slight_smile:


Fantastic, happy to hear that! :slight_smile:

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!