No Sound in HoTs


Hello world, I appear to have an age old problem here and I’ve tried nearly everything the internet suggests, a day ago I was playing HOTS, having fun and all of a sudden the battery in my wireless headphones dies (possible clue?) all of a sudden the in game sound for HOTS no longer works at all, this has previously happened for hearthstone too and it is horrible, I have obviously tried the basic options of in game mute being on, Windows mixer being muted (nope!) and also re installing audio drivers for realtek and making 100% sure they are up to date, please help me as this is very frustrating and I Just want to play HOTS again with sound and Hearthstone too! WoW and Hitman2 seem to be doing just fine but I cannot for the life of me figure this out no matter what I download, search for or update.

my technical skill with computers is awful so basic language and steps would be very much appriciated!

thank you ! :slight_smile:


Heya Ciaphascain,

Thank you for listing the steps you have gone through already. I do have a few more steps I’d like you to go through, please have a close look into the Troubleshooting Sound Issues Support Article and go through all the steps listed thoroughly once more (including the Advanced Troubleshooting).

If that still does not help out, post your System Files so we can have a closer look into this. Please go through the steps listed here, and create both the MSInfo and DxDiag files. Post them on a page like or share directly with us through OneDrive. Post the links here afterwards, so we can have a look.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!



I know this is weird but you mentioned your headphones battery died.
Assuming you swapped from wireless to cable, the only option is to go to your sound options and changing the sound device.

Cable and Wireless use different sound drivers, everything is OK you simply are using the wrong output device.