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Hi. i played hots for the last week kinda alot…and i just observed im stuck on level 97. Now after i finished my last game i looked at the player level gained…and it was 0. basically my player level its stucked at 97 and i dont earn it anymore.

Hello Sfgjsdd,

Your player level increases when a hero levels up. Did you level up a hero recently? If, for example, you played with a high level hero, their progression is slower compared to a low level hero and your Player Level won’t increase for a while. You can find more information about this progression system here. :slight_smile:


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Last week i played with low level heroes and rarely with higher ones, point is at the end of each game the circle that its filled with xp progression it flashes and gets filled with an amount then after few flashes it dissapear…it wont fill it up. it reverts back.

Only Heroes get experience from a game.

The Player (account) levels when a Hero levels. The Player (account) level determines the rarity of the chest (the best of common, rare, or epic).

Significant upcoming rewards are shown in-game at the bottom of the Quest log and under your Profile Progression tab.

In the post-game screen the progress bar (circle) around a Hero is the experience.

The progress bar (circle) around the Player level is the progress towards the next Epic loot chest. The epic loot chest is awarded every 25 Player levels.

The next upcoming significant reward is shown on the bottom right quarter of the progress circle for both Player and Hero.

You can hover your pointer over those rewards for a tooltip details.

This doesnt explain. in 5 days i gained like 10 levels playing same heroes…and now like from past 3 days i play new and old ones and its stuck at 97. I leveled up 3 heroes.

If your Player Level is not increasing when a hero levels up, please report the issue here, Sfgjsdd. Make sure you indicate the hero played and the level reached!

Thank you!


My character Raynor is stuck at level 999. How can I get past level 999? How can I level Raynor up? Start a new game? He gains experience and gold but they are not applied to his level. Thanks, Andrew

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