Player Profile Incomplete/not loading


for at least a fortnight all player profiles have failed to load the Summary page or Stats page. Not related to latency or any issues with my client as far as I can tell.
Thanks for the help


Hello Gref,

Are you still experiencing the issue with profiles not loading (or not loading completely)? If that’s the case, please try deleting your and Blizzard Entertainment folders in ProgramData and see if it helps.
To access the folders, close the game and your Blizzard app, press Windows + R keys and type %programdata% in the Run dialogue box. Press OK and in the Explorer window locate and delete and Blizzard Entertainment folders. Close the Explorer, restart your app and see if the issue persists. :slight_smile:

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Does it not show anything or just not show numbers?

Check your Profile, on the right side click on the drop down menu “Game Types” and see if everything is checked (enabled)?


That’s one solid guess, Fuschia! That might actually be it - not really a “loading” issue itself!

Thanks for your helpful post!

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