Question to awesome 0iq developers of this dead game

Why IF in my team is troll/ bot/ or somebody who are play very weak, and he pull all team down, after match he is again in my team and again 3rd time?. And he must play with me 3 times a raw? Why worst players of match are never opositive i next match? Why if 1 match is 100000mmr vs 20mmr, next match is again 10000mmr vs 20mmr ???
I try understand how blizard thinking works… Are you praud you destroyed so good game?

is all you do cry to the forums when you lose a game?

Iam cry because this game has no ranking system. From bronze5 to grandmaster1 is absolutely same lvl. IF you with party get for example master. you will have problem reach platinum when play solo.
developers done nothing to make games fair.

Ppl like you are pulled by team. PPl lie me must pull others if want win.