Quick cast not working

Since latest update (2.55.86938) the quick cast settings do not work on any heroes.
First time i logged in they had all been reset, and when i tried changing them it would not save it.
Each time i start the game the settings are either enabled or disabled but doesnt work. And it doesnt work if i change them.
I’ve tried a scan and repair without luck.

What to do?

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It could be that your Settings folder has been corrupted somehow, if you head to the Documents folder you should find a folder called Heroes of the Storm, this is where your Game Settings are stored. It will be safe to delete this then connect to the game, then set up your settings again to your liking, and log out.

There should now be a new Heroes folder in Documents where the settings are store.

And what folder would that be on a mac ? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Update: reinstalled the game, deleted the battle.net folder under the folder “shared”. This seemed to have fixed the issue with quick cast…
however, a new problem occured after reinstalling the game…
When i move the cursor to the right of the screen, the screen don’t move…

I’m having both of these issues. Gonna try the reinstall.

For oyur “Screen not Moving”. Try the setting Windowed(Fullscreen) . That fixes or works around it for me.

Quickcast can still not be enabled after reinstall. If I am not in a match, the Hotkeys menue shows quickcast to be on, but inside the match it is off. Activating it has no effect and is not stored. (If i return to the menu quickcast is off again.)

I’ve tried reinstalling battle.net and HOTS, looking into firewall setting on Mac settings, restarting, etc. Nothing is working and it’s driving me nuts!

I noticed that when I go into Hotkeys > Advanced > Hero Abilities (Quick Cast) and Hero Abilities (Quick Cast on Release are both red, as well as Voice Chat > Toggle Mute and Cycle Channel being red. Any idea why this is?