Ranked matchmaking

I played a lot of ranked games but that is not important. I am not having fun in ranked main reason is I can’t rank up because of bad matching. So many reasons i will just share some of them.One or two players are less skilled than others.One of enemy team is too skilled and does not belong in skill category. Some people become verry toxic. The so called favourite adjustment are worst in my opinion I seem to loose them and win the unfavoured adjustment. i know this is hard to balance so i would like to suggest at start if i am put with bad team mates to quit with 0 loss with a limit of 3 per week. This is before the game starts when we still pick champions. Imagine ur into a team where 2 people insult each other because of previous game(or they just hate each other) or u get a first pick ilidan or first 4 picks ranged assasin go and WIN THAT if u can. Also a surrender button after 10 or 15 minutes would help. One more thing to add I win a LOT more in QM and unranked than in ranked, why ?

There is no thing as being stuck at low ranks because of others. The truth is that if a player is skilled enough, he will never be stuck at low ranks. Stuck in silver is just delusional comment by players who havent learned the game

Instead of blaming matchmaking I recon you watch your own replays objectivly and see what you did wrong. I also suggest you watch GM player youtube channels or streams to learn

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where did u saw silver I am platinum but it does not matter. I win some matches easy others are impossible did u read my message? how do u win games with 4 ranged assasins or toxic comrades?

That silver rank was used as a example. Point is that you being stuck at plat is not matchmaking’s fault but your own. You can win games by increasing your own skill level. I guarantee once you get better, you will sail throu platina ranks.

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Diamond, platina, gold player and silver. I have seen almost all the ranks. I can confirm that silver has very broad skill difference and it makes it hard for climbers. It will take hundreds of games to get out from there and it wouldnt be even enough.

The question is: is this really good for game health and how it feels for new players to get stomped even in silver?

I have smurf with 70% wr and my main is about 45% wr? Does that make any sense? They are close to each other in silver, but if I play with smurf I can easily get ranks. Maybe I should play placements and look how far it can go?
Also have seen smurfs with 70 % wr in SL with duo bronze (which is never bronze skill). Why would someone in gold pair with bronze? I know they lower the average mmr and mostly that bronze is also smurf with main in gold or plat. This makes mmr system very lucky based and very bad…

I also saw one from master 10k looking for teammates of plat to lower the average mmr… This is “cheating the system”. I know that every low level who knows how to play does this, because it will make climb faster, because of skill difference advantage.

Nobody talks this isssue because they fear their climbing will be gone. If the devlopers read this, I can say that only looking for duo database and amount of new accounts in duo players or small teams will tell you what is the problem in the game…

You are talking now about some players abusing mmr. That is different thing than actually being stuck at lower rank.

I can guarantee that there is not even one GM player who would be stuck anywhere at low ranks. That proves that it is just an illusion that match making is problem for someone being stuck at low rank with playing hundreds of games. If you are good enough you will 100% sure climb up from low ranks into the higher ones

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There are other games with such an option

Why not go there instead?

Which game are you playing?

The only Champion we have in this game is:


This happens because people playing modes other than Ranked are either not giving their best because their Rank isn’t on the line or because they are less skilled than the people who frequently play Ranked games

I win against people with higher ello and skil in unranked and qm and i am having problems winning in some games in ranked atm WITH lower ello score players! i’d like to mention when i win I am usually in top 3 with score and/or mvp.

Qm or unranked dont rly mean anything so how the games go in there is kinda irrelavant. Ranked is where ppl try to win the most and in order to climb there you gotta improve your own skill level

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This is not the measure of actual skill or experience


This is why you will have a harder time in Ranked than anywhere else

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Usually it is this case, but then these days it is not anymore. Its more about luck (who gets smurf, who gets noob). Yes, I will climb, but the amount of frustration is enourmous. I have numerous of replays, which tell the truth about imbalanced matchmaker. Whenever I stomp one or two games, then I will be paired with beginner and vs parties of three (mostly bronze, gold, plat smurfs). And those enemies just play around with my bwginner team. Its not acceptible and should be fixed. There is no fun if even the beginners are stomped vs smurfs… Game suffers, there will be no new players or they will just stop playing.

I know people don’t want to admit the problem because everybody has smurf in ranked and many use system wrong way. If playing with smurf makes games easier or one get some advantage, something is terrible wrong. Someone will suffer and it will cause lot of other problems (chain reaction).

Im speaking of solo que. It shouldn’t be harder than party que.

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Smurfs are huge problem in every game, not just hots. Smite, League, Dota, every game has tons of smurfs and that problem. So climbing in those games is equal hard as here. There’s nothing you can do except become better and pray to god that you can carry noobs who feed/afk or troll. Sometimes that 1 guy can destroy the whole game…

In this game you can make new account and go right to the ranked. In lol you need to farm all the things to make smurf good, and in other games its not straightforward. And also if the worse player is smurf it will make games nearly impossible as your team doesnt happen to have real smurf.

In other games there are lot of mehcanics to outperform the game and win it. For example in lol you can wipe your lane and make your character good.
Here everything promotes cooperation and if you play solo you have worse chance to get decent team as you are atleast in no team.

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I will give you the ULTIMATE SOLUTION which will fix your problem 100% (Gauranteed) !!!

Take it or leave it = Play with Frends in 5man Party

Right…then add me too like others…
“Brutalnot #2608”…in last time i wonder to add or not…:slight_smile:

" I can guarantee you had 3 brain cells in your head…1 is how to enter in game,1 how to use game mouse, 1 for “think” you speak only truth…0 to think!!

60 % game skill ; 40 % luck…
I really dislike peoples like you ,wich hightly believe what you think,and …are “blinded”

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This game is 100 % skill based. You are not skilled enough so you look excuses why you won’t climb up. That is very weak mindset you have.

I suggest you look into mirror and figure out what is wrong. You will never learn the game when you only make excuses why everything else is wrong.

It saddens me how much negative emotions you have towards this game and other people. Try to find your own happiness

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I think I speak for the good of everyone when I say:

Brutalnot along with a lot of other hateful people playing this game should get proper mental help

And I mean that in the nicest way

Because something is really wrong when people can become so angry and frustrated over a video game that is meant to be fun

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And next time dont reveal yourselfs with your own words like " you are not enough skilled", “look first your own excuses”…
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And dont forget you are too human,who can worng or do mistakes!..

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