Regression after last maintenance update: Notification sound for joining Partyvoice does not play anymore

Regression window:

maintenance from this week (Wednesday 2023-02-08)

Issue description:

When somebody joins the party and automatically also joins partyvoice, the sound, which notified other partymembers, that somebody joined partyvoice vanished.
So, now we have to “look”, if they also joined voice :wink:
When people join partyvoice manually, there is a notification sound.


  1. New members join the party and auto-join partyvoice.
  2. The “joined party” notification is played out.
  3. Right after, the “joined partyvoice” notification is played out.

Additional Information:

This is a minor regression, nothing serious. Just something I noticed. Last maintenance was very good and solved all the other sound issues I had! Thank you!