Reporting players for trolling or provoking


Can you guys please add a reporting option along the lines of ‘trolling’ or ‘provocation’?

I’m getting very tired of constantly being trolled/provoked during gameplay. Most of the times i just try to ignore it, but sometimes people just get on my nerves and i lose my chill.

Then people get butthurt and report me for abusive language… I mean come on…

And yes, i know i can disable chat, but it’s terrible playing this game with no communication whatsoever…


What, like asking your allies not to teamfight 10 seconds before the objective… and they they do just that 3v5 while you’re patiently waiting at the objective and then you say ‘WP’… is that being provocative :slight_smile: ?

The problem is that trolling is too subjective. I had some allies (like Stukov) that would push our allies out of my perfectly timed grav bomb… First time bad timing, third time what?

The system should simply allow you to rate your allies based on a number of criteria’s. You can then see your rating and adjust accordingly.


Hmm, i don’t intend it to use the report option to report people for how they are playing.

I was thinking more along the lines of, people are talking trash, but they are not being “abusive”.
This is something that gets on my nerves, and eventually pisses me off when this continues. (I know you could say this is my problem, which it is.)

What i mean is, i can report people for “abusive language”, but i feel this is pointless, because i think blizzard doesn’t do anything when people haven’t actually been cussing…

If this is not the case i would like to know, because then i will just report them for it and be done with it.

On a side note; I don’t want to stoop to their level and ‘troll’ them, so they start cussing and THEN report them for abusive language. (this is what i have seen from remarks from other people on here as well)

I just noticed another post that is pretty similar to what i mean:


Quite the opposite. Players can be banned for saying nothing actually offensive while other players aren’t banned even when saying very offensive stuff. It pretty much comes down to a popularity contest.


I need an option to report players who don’t want to win. Those “it;s just a game” people are irritating and shouldn’t even touch pvp in the first place.


This is fun. I got forum banned for 24 hours and my post was deleted because I used some symbols followed by the word “show” to describe what a mess the situation is, I also described perpetrators with tame profanity circumventions (you know, like first letter + holes). The forum itself prohibits you even from even using tame profanities, so evidently Blizzard has systems in place that do work.

The irony is that within their games the enforcement of these standards is subpar at best. They have the tools, they have the means, they have everything at their disposal to get things done. But they don’t. Can’t help but get cynical about it and saying they WANT this because it’s a significant amount of players who do this and ousting them would efficiently kill the game.

This is all so shameful