Reports out of control


I rather play with salty/toxic players than thise idiots of afk’ers/bots and report happy ppl, im so sick of getting match with afk’ers and bots, and yes i just came back from a 2 week suspension, i guess next time its a perma-ban, but i really don’t care anymore, abusive chat my ass, whats the point of having a chat, where you can mute ppl, and still get reported for “abusive chat” lol, what a joke.


My main account is permabanned. I don’t know why; the GMs won’t tell me. “Actions that negatively impact other players”. Did I tell people to shut up or call them ***holes when they flamed me first? Of course, who doesn’t? That’s normal human behavior. The type of behavior that is expected in order to NEVER get banned is unrealistic. The only solution is to turn off as much interaction with other players as possible. I even mute pings now (on my new account) at the start of every game.


Why do you bother with HotS when it is officially end-of-life product now?


The game isn’t EOL. Just the HGC and HotD won’t take place. Watch it now become an underground phenomenon and then celebrate an unlikely outsider comeback.


Right… and this is why a half of the HotS dev team left or moved to another projects… make sense


They would have to rework basic playstyle to make a “comeback”. Remove shared exp, add last hitting or item shop. I am not fan of last two but HOTS is too simple and team dependant to be worth playing by MOBA fans~ its for casual Blizzard fans and thats not enough.


If he’s just pinging and some kid tells him to stfu and proceeds to report him, and it happens multiple times (which is quite likely since the game is free to play) then the system is broken if he still gets punished. IF he didn’t do anything wrong.


What this game needs is no bans for anything other than non participation. The only time you should be punished is when you just stop playing and screw up your team. There also needs to be a sub-70 IQ queue.


I have been punished for it, pointed it out, GM’s reply was “well don’t ping then” 8)

I believe in punishments, and bans.

Especially with ACTUAL toxicity (that is; swearing or violently yelling at team mates.
AFKing or intentionally dying.
Or Non-participation, like a Deckard going solo-lane and replying with ‘fk u’ when you ask why.)

That should be all punished.

While mine have been, in the quotes, things like “Let’s try to group up more” or “Careful Garrosh keeps throwing and killing you like that” or “Whitemane help us at objective please” because it’s an AUTOMATED system. NO ONE checks and NO ONE cares. It’s just-

‘play this many games x this many reports in this section = punishment.’

Very simple, cheap and boring math.


You are not smart enough to use the block button?
Why do you need Big Brother Blizzard to punish people for you, when you could just mute the players?

You are like that meme with the bicycling guy who puts a stick in his wheel.

If you passed 4th grade math and had an IQ above 80 you would realize that Blizzard would need TONS of money for anything even remotely resembling a just policing system.

Firstly, you would need to hire people.
Build them an office.
Pay for utilities.
Buy office supplies, workstations, etc.
We are talking about dozens of full time employees working on ONLY reports from angry kids such as yourself.

There’s the math for you.

The only solution for your problem is to grow up. Grow a thick skin. Use the block button.

Meanwhile, Blizzard could have implemented a report system where players could have used gems (real life money a few dollars worth, or very rare levelup reward) to report players. That way, people would actually think twice if a report was really necessary.
If the GM agrees, then the players would get back 80% of the gems, and the punished player’s account could also be penalized, like, pay 5USD to remove suspension.


Are you really that dumb? That does nothing to fix the problem which is the little kid throwing death threats, insults, racists slurs and so on at people. The problem child still remains even if I block him and he’ll cause dozens if not hundreds of people to quit because he makes game miserable for everybody around him rather than just dealing with the problem child so everybody could have good time. The bully/criminal is the problem, not the victims of the bullies and criminals. Does the country you live in have no laws or how did you become such twisted supporter of anarchy?


-Implies to grow up while using ‘omg ur IQ’ and ‘simple maths’; yet has used ‘Their IQ’ in 3 of his 5 posts, nice lack-of-imagination there-

-Appears to have a new account from being freshly banned or suspended-

-Lolling intensifies-


Mute is a reasonable first step but ultimately it doesn’t address the problem in the long term. Firstly, unless they try to whisper you they won’t even know they were blocked, secondly there is no “avoid player” option, so blocking someone doesn’t stop you grouping with them again, if they’re trolling by intentionally dying for instance, blocking doesn’t do anything.

End of the day, blizzard needed to either allow players a reasonable backlash against problem players, or they needed to provide this backlash themselves, forming a system to teach players what not to do in a natural way.

Or they need another solution, such as a way to allow the community to police itself.

Ok why do you need to build these people an office? This is a game on the internet, what possible information regarding this game couldn’t be sent online to allow these people to work from home? That would remove or severely reduce expenses 2 - 5 in your list.

Having reports based on real money transactions. I think this is the first idea I’ve heard that was worse than the idea for the diablo immortal announcement. This is a premise so vulnerable to abuse from both players and blizzard it’s absurd.

What guarantee would anyone even have that blizzard wouldn’t just generate bans on more dedicated players to just have them spend money removing it? What’s to stop some child with their parents credit card generate a ton of unjust reports anyway? I can’t speak for everyone, but I wouldn’t ever even start playing a game that monetised it’s report system of all things.


I guess most of us are sick of this community of snowflakes.

Stop being offended by everything, and start thinking that maybe the reason we flame in the first place is because you do stup*d things.

The report system is horrible and it’s impossible not to get silenced if you play 15 matches a day and say anything at all in chat. At this point i’d pretty much believe i’d get reported even if i’d say “hello lads” in the picking phase.

Let’s face it, casual people are the worst.

Not because they barely know the map, when and how to engage, picking to counter enemies and not playing 1 champ all the time, doing event or camps to push while you’re busy with event - but because blizzard taught them to report everything they don’t like - and it screwed with the “try harders” who “don’t play for fun”. Which is funny, because i’d rather see a casual banned for stating “try-harder” which is simply stating that they can’t play at all so they find an excuse to suck at it, instead of seeing a pro player getting reported because his team is useless.

I’d absolutelly love to play in a game full of “flaming tryharders” than with people who go AFK during picking phase or during game in ranked or alt-f4 because they “play for fun” and they have other, more important things than a ranked game.

Flaming is natural, not because we have anything with that person in particular, but because they irritate us enough to say as little as “fck you” or “Thanks a lot, dude” when they go 1v5 and costs us the match.
And people who don’t understand that people get frustrated when losing, should simply stop playing at all.

After 8 years of MOBAs, i’m literally sick of these casuals that play once every 2 weeks and join ranked and screw the match with their lack of base knowledge of the game.
And with that being said, i’m off to another MOBA, which has a more toxic community, but where 90% of the people are not braindead.

This game deserves to die, and i’m glad it finally did it.
See you there after you realise this game was never for us, but for the casuals.
Leave it to them, so they can spam the general chat with new emoticons and get offended to each other until none of them is left.


Honestly that’s not a good excuse. Yes CS should have told you sorta or less.
BUT it is obviously.
FYI it’s being annoyed at your allies for trusting them that makes you toxic.
Like one game I trusted my ally to play orphea right and I trusted a murky saying they were pro… While Murky was pre-countered by falstad.

Guess what? Murky died the most as in top FULL DEATH’S!
Couldn’t do anything.
Orphea went Q build for some reason…even though we had Murky, Etc, Lili, Zul’jin in our team so enough slows, roots, stuns.
And… Murky went bribe 1st talent but every talent after was to build slime stacks >_>’


Agreed with you buddy.


its not the game, its the kids nowdays. they dont have any manners and they dont know how to behave. and if you point out what they do wrong, then they will just start insulting your family and talking bs about you


Blizztard. 0nly 1 word is enough


I report players on regular basis, but not the ‘‘toxic’’ ones. As most ‘toxic’ people try to explain to the bad guy what he’s doin wrong. Today i had Auriel player not using trait on any1, lost the game ofc. Several games with people who have no idea how to play AT ALL. (and you cant leave QM leaver queue unless you win the matches, wich i wasnt able to do for a long string of feeders, greafers and a whole lot of players i’m not shure why i was put between in the first place)
I only play QM, as i got no team to rank with, and solo is… well i’m afraid i’d just get some more stupd sh*t all over again so i’d rather not…
If this keeps up i’m either making a smurf acc or just leaving the game all together, wich would be a shame cous i love it when thers a good matchup even if i loose.
I do try to explain to people what they are doing wrong and i am not ‘in yo face’ type of guy, but all i get in return is flaming and am being called out as toxic.
I strongly think that first time hero plays have no place in QM. and such plays belong vs AI. I’m afraid we came to a point where even QM requires restrictions of min 5 lvl on hero to be playable in QM, as i rarely have the time for more then a match or 2 drning weekdays, and i do like the oportunity to win a few times before i i start hitting alt-f4 cous some noob is not tracking map or obj :wink:


No one is reporting you for pinging the map twice. They’re reporting you for spam-pinging.