Short, frequent disconnects

Hello, since a few months I am experiencing short disconnects while playing Heroes of the Storm.

Problem description:
While playing, everything in-game will suddenly stand still, so I can only navigate menus and the camera. During this time, my character is controlled by a bot, as if I had left. After 5 to 30 seconds, normal gameplay will resume, and in chat I see a message announcing my own reconnection. This problem can occur a few times per match. Note that all other desktop applications are unaffected, so my connection seems stable otherwise.

Additional info:
I moved my computer to a different household once, where no such problems arised. I also switched to a new computer recently, on which I experience the same issue, still being in my same home network. My internet connection is wired, using a TP-LINK router.

So far I have made sure all my drivers and router firmware are up to date, and I followed the steps outlined in the Connection Troubleshooting article, with no improvement.

I report this for Heroes of the Storm, since I mainly play this game. But a very similar issue also occurrs when playing Overwatch. The disconnects I experience there are of similar length and frequency.

Hey there Yirus,

Please provide to us your system files along with a WinMTR in order to be able to help you out on this.

You may need to add the files to a site like Pastebin, for easier reading.

Hi Vossprey, thanks for your time.



I had to break the remaining links, since the system will not let me post more :slight_smile:

WinMTR to first HOTS URL: pastebin(dot)com/pgCFSCcE
While logging this, I had two short disconnects (5s each).

WinMTR to second HOTS URL: pastebin(dot)com/7L9CzyNg
While logging this, I had one long disconnect (20s).

Thanks for providing the files requested.

Your MSInfo seems to be ok, and both of your WInMTR files point towards the node

If you have tried to power-cycle your network device and flushing the DNS, another option that you have is to use Google’s public DNS. This is a bit outside of our support scope but it may help you out!

I’m encountering the same issue. It disconnects during games for up to 30 seconds.



Thank you!

Thanks for the tips!

I’ve power-cycled my router and flushed my DNS as describes to no improvement. I have also switched to using Google’s public DNS, but in WinMTR I can see that my packets are still routed along the exact same nodes, and the problems persist.

I have also asked a friend who lives in a nearby town to do the same WinMTR scan as I did. His route also includes the node, and for him it behaves just as badly, dropping packets and sometimes having a huge ping. Yet he is not experiencing any disconnects while playing HOTS or Overwatch.

Since the node with host comes before the mentioned, doesn’t that mean that both of them are part of Blizzard’s company network? This makes me unsure how I could progress on this issue.

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Hey there Yirus, apologies for the late reply on this.

I got some updates with regards to this issue!

The node itself, is being routed to our servers and it is usually by a backbone internet company that smaller ISPs connect to - usually it is companies like Telia, L3C etc. We’ve escalated this with them, and hopefully it will get sorted soon.

You may be able to manage a better connection, if you use a VPN. We normally avoid suggesting VPN usage, but if you are comfortable using one, you can try it out, and see if it makes things better.

@Onion, you seem to be having the exact same issue, so the above applies for you as well!

Hi, thanks for looking further into this!

I’m excited to see whether we’ll hear back from them. Occasionally I will run a WinMTR scan or play a match to check if things change.

If I find the time to try a VPN, I will do so out of interest and report back.