Spotlight stutter

When pressing ‘Space’ the game sometimes stutters while my character is moving instead of following smoothly. I haven’t figured when it works correctly and when it bugs.

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Sorry for the late reply here Rok, but I think I know what might be causing this issue for you!

This could be a setting in windows called “Repeat Keys”, if you navigate to the Ease of Access Centre. In Windows 10 you head to the Keyboard section Find “Filter Keys” and disable this, it should in theory fix the problem once disabled.

If you need Filter keys you can try adjusting the settings. Click ‘Set Filter Keys’ > Click ‘Set up Filter Keys’ > Click ‘Turn on Repeat Keys and Slow Keys’, and then on ‘Set up Repeat Keys and Slow Keys’, select the option to ignore all repeated keystrokes, and reduce the time option at the top to 0.0 seconds.

It could also be a USB driver issue with the motherboard so updating them has fixed this issue for some other users too.

Thank you very much. It was Windows Repeat keys that was the problem.

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I have the same problem and it is no solution for me as Filter Keys is already disabled.
I’ve seen suggestions that I should use a US keyboard layout as my installed Windows version is actually US but I do need another keyboard layout and in fact that is the only one I use and have enabled/installed which is not American English because I have a QUERTZ keyboard. I don’t want to add and have to switch to a US layout. Accidental switching between the essentially dead layout is too annoying and the HotS spotlight have actually worked before for years for me nd I’ve had this language & keyboard layout setup for several years. So, it might be related in a quirky way but the layout is not the root of the issue I’m quite certain.

Funnily enough turning on Filter Keys does make the camera snap smoother while moving around but the Spotlight on my character which would be invaluable for me does not appear (it is set to the Space key). It has been there before.

Any ideas?