Stuck at the loading screen

Hello there!
So me and my 2 other friends queued up for a Quick Match game. We’ve been stuck in the loading screen for a while and we wondered if it’s maybe a bug (we were like 10min into the loading screen, none of the player’s progress bar was moving), so we decided to Alt+F4 the game and launch the game again. It worked and it gave us the option to reconnect to the game. After reconnecting, we ended up again at the loading screen. The only different thing was that everyone’s progress bar was full, except mine. I asked my friends if they are ingame playing, but they had the same issue. Now that the game is technically still going on, we only have the option to reconnect to the game and are therefore stuck. This doesn’t seem to be a problem on our side and this issue has been going for 90 minutes since the publication of this post.

I hope that this issue resolves by itself, in the meantime I rely on some help.

Did anyone get an answer to how to solve this? I have not been able to play this game since May. This is frustrating. I can’t find a solution. I have asked on other forums and never get a response.

Please check out the steps here. Make sure to check the advanced Troubleshooting section also as that has been known to resolve this issue for some players.

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Your post this everywhere, but the fact that so many ppl are affected rules out isolated issues. Ip release works so connection gets restored but should we do it every time the game disconnects out of nowhere. Reconnecting into HOTS is meaningless if you dropped during draft, you get leaver penalty. If you reconnect 5 mins into the game it takes too long, basically game is over by the time you’re back in. Main question is what has changed in the game so that dynamically assigned IPs are getting locked. IP release/ windows restart helps in these situation but is it workaround or a solution?

your link doesnt work

Hey guys,
I have the exact same problem as OP. Followed all the basic and advanced troubleshooting steps, plus some of my own, and … nothing. I just rejoin and get at the same game that ended ages ago. Any news or tips? Hope there’s a fix, was really getting into the game. :slight_smile: