The new hero is a shame

Even this game is near to death (no HGC, most important team member left, slow heroes rates and update) you decided to add a futile nexus hero instead other most important heroes from Blizzard Universe like Deathwing, Mengsk, Vol’jin, Cairne, Baal, Belial, Aidan, Leah, Selendis, Talandar, Azshara, Blackthorne, Reinhardt, Brigitte, McCree, Hammond, Winston and all other Overwatch heroes (since Junkrat October 17 2017, you did not add any other OW heroes).

I’m really disappointed. Heroes of the Storm is born as a crossover moba game, I play this game instead League of Legends because I love Blizzard’s character and, especially now that Blizzard is in crisis, we don’t need a original hero, it’s only a disappointment and waste of time and money (Because you have to build a background story for this Characters)

This is an insult of all player who still play, enjoy this game and hoping that the hero they loved come in the Nexus.

What a shame.


Bit over the top, isn’t it? :thinking:

I thought Orphea was an excellent hero when she was added. And she’s gone on to be one of my favorite characters in the game – if not in all Blizzard’s games.

So original heroes can be great. And I’m sure some will like Qihra as well.

And it’s not like Blizzard won’t keep adding more established Blizzard heroes to the game. It’s not that long since Anduin was added.

All that being said, I kind of hoped Qhira would have more of a connection to the Raven Lord and the whole Nexus plotline Blizzard started to work on. But she seems a bit unrelated to that, besides the fact that her homeland used to have a crystal.
Yeah, I wanted Orphea’s mom or something. :grin:


Actually Anduin was a little bit “developed” before the Blizzard Crisis, like Imperius.

I remember when it comes Orphea this forum explodes with too many topics of disappointment about her and I don’t blame them. She was introduce in the disatrous Blizzcon, that Blizzcon contribuited the “Blizzard’s Crisis” and I think Orphea contribuited too.

I still think this is really a insult of all players, especially in this crisis.
We still waiting many incredible heroes and we got this.


Some Wakanda wannabee is not an original hero just pointing that out


Also she stole Predator’s jobs :joy:

As a person who plays Heroes of the Storm, and thus one of those “all players”, I can tell you that I feel in no way insulted by Blizzard because they’ve revealed a hero for their game that perhaps wasn’t on top of my wish-list. It’s fine. They’ll make more. I don’t have to love every single hero that gets introduced. There are plenty to play.


The problem is: They will not make many Heroes like before :wink:

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well tbh I would rather get a random sh*tty or even an OW hero than no hero

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What’s meant by original hero is one that’s from within the Heroes of the Storm franchise, not one that already exists in one of Blizzard’s other franchises.

I don’t know. The release flow seems fine to me so far. And as said, the backlog of existing heroes is substantial enough that you should already be able to find some heroes to your liking.

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The release flow seems good so far because blizz always makes like 5 heroes ahead of time but since it’s in maintenance now, I think we will see a hero release slow down by the end of the year.

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Then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Yes because nothing attracts more players back to the game then a no name nexus new hero…to a franchise that’s mostly dead to the public.But hey #logic

As for Orphea they never should have opened those doors “lets make hots also with unieq characters” since they have plenty out of there well established IP’s,especially we take now everything into consideration.(after the cuts)


Raven Lord was a character who has been there almost from the very start

I don’t see people complaining about his existence

Nexus itself having a lore had been well established long ago

Orphea herself is awesome

The problem is that Orphea came at a time when people were really frustrated with the game and wanted more iconic heroes from the franchises they already know

The developers have been ignoring what we want quite a lot recently and that’s why the game is in such a bad state these days

People would be so much happier if we could just vote on the hero we wanted and then got the hero with the highest votes on a promised release date


He was at all time nothing more then the go to announcer in the game,from a Raven Map,by that logic one could argue about the Dragonknight and the pirate maps.People never complained since it was never what it turned out to be with the Orphea reveal and all that “Nexus” its own IP.

It just proves the initial tought,they never should have opend those doors.Raven Lord could have beena simple Warcraft Undead/Kul tiran/Gilnean guy.But somehow they made it akward now.Witch is the point to begin with.

I hope that the hero at least has a unique playstyle.Seems its going to be a bruiser,or assassin.

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They added a new and completely unexpected hero.


And you think that’s a good thing? Hots was always about famous blizzard characters. Go watch the game’s trailer. And now imagine the trailer with random nexus ‘heroes’. They have 3 game universes with practically unlimited character options. I simply can not fathom the logic behind nexus heroes.

0/10 for the new hero. Horrible decision.


I totally agree. Bad decision, bad timing, bad Sonya rework. Unless they are hoping to attract SJWs , I’m not sure what are they hoping for and who are they targeting?

That decision for me is the last drop that kills my interest in HOTS (along with the now overly toxic community).

Guess I’ll be waiting for old timers such as WoW Classic and maybe War3Ref and after these I’m not sure whether I’ll be ever excited about anything “NEW” from Blizz (Acti).


Don’t mind it at all, this chick seems very interesting and fun to play.

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I’ve just watched the trailer,no announcer or Kevin,the video is mass disliked.And i agree what the hell did i just watch?
She isnt even a “nexus hero” but from “other realm” from no Blizzards current franchise.
I have no clue when they developt this Hero,but they should have just reskind her into some Zandalar hunter,or Primal Zerg.

And i see you also had to make it PC…to add that extra flavoring.I am actually canceling my install.

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You all should be grateful that we are even getting a new hero at all

I feel your pain regarding the way the game currently is and I wish they paid more attention to what we wanted

But by being ungrateful you are not benefiting anyone

Not even yourselves

This game may not be getting much love anymore

Ask yourselves if you feel comfortable giving it even less than you already do

We all loved this game at least in one point in time

Remember those good moments

Remember all the moments that made you feel good while playing

And realize that this new hero is a sign of hope

All is not lost

Try to look deep inside your heart and find at least a little appreciation for that