The new hero is a shame

Nice speech, but unfortunately goody-goody

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There is nothing wrong or unfortunate about trying to be good


And yet out of 87 or so heroes, its just the SECOND nexus original ONLY , and you are complaining :slight_smile:

I understand that most people played other universe of Blizzard and want heroes from those universe to join in the HOTS.

But for me, its the same, HOTS is the only blizz game and the only Moba i played,

Even putting all tht aside, the new hero has some really unique stuff n interesting abilities that will completely change the gameplay… her abilities are more interesting than that of Orphea, specially the hook n orbit the hero, thts something for the FIRST time of its kind,

Also, we got A NEW HERO :smiley:
So dnt b upset, just thank the limited dev team that they got you something, even if its not what you wanted :slight_smile:


This hero would be the eighty sixth

Currently we have eighty five

oh, i must have counted the TLV n Rexxar n Misha as separate :smiley:

You don’t understand.

Why I have to thank the dev team? For add an Hero that many people (just look comments on Youtube and Twitter and dislikes) didn’t want a a OC.

When they add Fenix or Imperius, we said thank you because thery are the most requested heroes.

Now with this CRISIS, that nobody still understand that they CAN’T put many Updates especially MAKING NEW HERO, they decided to put a hero that the most people of Hots community didn’t want.

Did you see someone here saying: “We want Quira!”? No because was a nobody and still nobody.
A Lot of people still waiting Deathwing (the most requested hero) and many others. I Wrote some name, but seems you did not see so: Mengsk, Vol’jin, Cairne, Baal, Belial, Aidan, Leah, Selendis, Talandar, Azshara, Blackthorne, Reinhardt, Brigitte, McCree, Hammond, Winston and all other Overwatch heroes (since Junkrat October 17 2017, they did not add any other OW heroes).

So in the end, we should be happy to see a hero that the most players doesn’t want? We should say:“Thank you Dev team, you adding a nobody hero instead Deathwing, Thanks Dev team we love you smack smack smack”----> if you want saying this, say.

But remember we will see the good heroes that I mentioned in the 2040 or more late, cus with this slowdown and the OC.



I by NO means said that the devs did right,

what i meant is, in the end, we did get a hero, lets call it a day and play :slight_smile:

im sure with the dislikes n comments, the devs will immediately start working on the more desired hero :slight_smile:

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They did the same mistake with Orphea and they still don’t understand that.


Agreed, if its strike 3 , i b on ur side running ahead of u to strangle those responsible :smiley:

They are doing there job,for witch they are at the end of day paid for.What people said and left there comments at how bad this hero is,and how stupyd this “nexus identity” is to begin with,cause we all knew that hots was always this arena to brawl diablo,sc,wc heros in.And they are leaving civil feedback, you as a dev dont close your eyes on that.
I am glad that the video is mass down voted and for this thread,cause people are imo right,and they are not listening to there fans and players base.
Who at the end of day want the best for the game,and spend money when the job was done right.


But Clipper is not a developer

Whatever gave you that idea?

I wholeheartedly agree with this as well

I feel like the whole problems stem from developers doing what THEY WANT instead of GIVING US WHAT WE WANT


This is a business

In business you must someone what they want in exchange for something in return

Trying to force them to buy what you want will just end up with everyone upset

And such is the case today

If you ask me they knew perfectly well what they where doing when they announced and released this champion.I think they want just to run behind the shed and shoot between the eyes hots,since its a dead Ip where carriers go to die,and they want to end it faster.

Too much time passed to make out of hots anything decent and money making.So they are just speeding up the process.The horrors in Match Quee just testifies to this even more.They left it as it is for 3 months last i played,and even then it was horrible.People are matched on complete opposite of rank/play time/lvl in matchmaking,all for the sake of lower quee times.
Never mind they intentionally are not listening to player feedback,regarding match and new hero’s.

Think you your self missread something.


What did you think, that after releasing a goth loli and kicking their own game in the nuts (or in corpspeak, “surprise diversion of resources”), they wouldn’t take the opportunity to fill up the diversity quota?

This isn’t the Blizz that gave you an entire free campaign in Frozen Throne through a series of patches, this is ActiBlizz, where professional game design lives (and often dies) in the shadow of shareholder expectations.

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Actually I have seen ideas about nexus heroes waaaay before the orphan was released and people didn’t like that idea. The entire point of HOTS was to bring all blizzard universe characters into one game but with blizzard getting more and more desperate for more players, they decided to try something new and add nexus heroes.

And I think that making a vote on the next hero would be a great idea. They could give one character from each universe with maybe some concept art (nexus heroes included) and let the players decide what they want.


Heroes of the Storm was a game I always had high hopes for

So the game itself having lore was not something that upset me in any way

I even hoped for it and welcome it now that it is here

The problem is that developers are not developing the lore in a way we like and just randomly shoving it in our faces

Here is an example of Nexus Lore done well

But it has been removed now just to make the game more like League of Legends and appease the vast majority of those players who came to play this game

A lot of people would have preferred Grommash Hellscream or another hero they knew well instead of a hero that came out of the blue

Nexus Heroes are a good idea if implemented well and the lore is heavily established with an extremely solid foundation beforehand

But the developers not doing that and then suddenly surprising everyone with Nexus Heroes that the majority didn’t even ask for is why so many people are upset


Idk if the HOTS team still has a writer so forget about the lore part :smiley:

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The point is that it once had great writing

Even the little story about Raynor ending up in the Nexus is just amazing due to how well written and fun that part was to play

We could still have great writing

All they have to do is hire capable people and pay them well to do it

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The abilities are very unimaginative, the character itself is bland and predictable. Sad to see and feel that most of the great devs of the game are gone.

What’s left is this hero, which exactly shows us how much they care about a very community beloved game. Bland, forgotten. It’s actually sad.


The abilities are certainly not bland: Revolving blades is very interesting.

On another note Blackthorne is in development(said in ama ) and from my part I also hope Deathwing.

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Well …this time i like what you said…:laughing::clap::+1: