The new hero is a shame


In the Qhira AMA.

No updates and has more Dead by Daylight players (And trust me DbD is more popular than Tf2 and is a lot of far from a dead game, even is a particular game). Again don’t talk think you still don’t know

Unfortunately, but was Valve’s mistake, I mean you talk Tf2 as a dead game and no is still not, even if has no update. You will say cus is just a F2P, but there are F2P with lowers player or dead like Dirty Bomb.

Your arguments were “She is a Blizzard character” (Missing the point :clap:), “she was probably already either fully developed” (And that was wrong, was halfed developed) “I can’t remember when TF2 was ever relevant” (Showing ignorants :wink:) and using Twitch spectators as argumet. “Do you even english?”, “Grow up Dude” (Really good arguments :joy:) .

My answers were to highlight your inaccuracies, and I Highlighted again as you see.

My arguments were clear I gives you a summary:
-Hots is a crossover game and it’s born as is it.
-There are many good heroes from the other universe, don’t need original
-Blizzard Crisis, is a waste continue with original heroes
-with this slowdown, we need the most requested heroes by the community (Deathwing, Reinhardt are the examples).
-This Hero is insult for the most player base (not all) who still play this game.
-They had the base kit. And this base kit can fit other heroes like Reno Jackson.

But it seems you can’t read.

Oh poor boy, I harrassed you? Then complaint me for Harrassment, I’m looking forward to the denunciation from cops :joy:


This is great example of how you pick sentences out of context. Guess what. I KNOW THAT. And you would know that as well if you read the sentence which followed the question: “That they presented her like that?”. You know what rhetoric question means, right?

No point to discuss further if you keep doing this I guess.


With all my arguments you counter it with that? GGWP.

Keep going with no arguments like “Grow up” “You Harrassing me” “Do you even know English”. Making mistakes and talking things you don’t know. But hey you always right even if you mistake mate and even not only me say you are wrong.



“Do you know HoTS team devs…did decide to make all new heroes strong?!”"
( this my quetion is like im your teacher at exam,or trainer,who check how his students learn his leasons :slight_smile: )

Please count to me all reasons…
if you enswer properly,then i would admin you are so smart person and high intellected,if you cant…then …you would stay low game xp-ed players…:slight_smile:


Said it the bronze 5 player, from his main account… :smiley:


No …im not Bronze 5 game skilled…the bad system/ lasser dermite im bronze( i dont care how eate me systwm)…im Master games skilled !!!
, Roskobg…:slight_smile:
" aaa you again?!:slight_smile: "
" Whats up Roskobg?!" :slight_smile:
You contiune lose more games?!" :slight_smile:
a you can count to me all reason…on my question?! :slight_smile:
" if quess my all enswer properly, i would admin better player than me"…:slight_smile:


Yes, it’s me again. Everything fine and perfect. And no, i don’t lose games, because i am something that you are not, and when i said i am tutto finito with Hots, i am. And i don’t play Hots anymore- and that’s from 8 months.
I said it before- IF you are with REAL master player skill, with REAL game knowledge, you’ll NOT be in bronze 5 EVERY season. It’s proven, there are a lot of players that climbed out of bronze to master. :slight_smile:


Wait why do you still come here if you do not play the game anymore?


Old habit, from a time when the game was promising and have future in front of it. Because it’s on English and me & Brutalnot are from non-English speaking country and it’s kind of practice/training for me. And, i don’t like when some1 is at the bottom ( like our friend Brutalnot here, that’s bronze 5), never improves, never wants to try to improve and wants his opinion to MATTER and to be heard and praised from every1… That’s not how the world works…
Edit: In Hots I know where i am sitting on the ladder. I admit my mistakes, i am trying to fix them and to not repeat them. And if i try hard and spend time and efforts in the game, i’ll be better and i’ll improve over time and will have better rank!


Come back to the game

I am searching for partners and I would like a partner who wants to improve themselves and also points out my mistakes as long they listen to my advice too

You will get plenty of English practice with me as I play the game almost daily


Thanks for the offer. I’ll consider it. Here are few things to watch out next time when you play in draft:
1st Expand your hero pool- you must be prepared for everything- from tank to support/healer.
2nd Map- you should know on which map you’ll play and what kind of heroes your team needs.
3rd Map Awareness- always watch the minimap- if you don’t see the enemy, always consider that they are coming for you.
4th Soak the lanes- xp in early game is important, but
5th dont over-extend- sometimes it’s better to leave enemy minion wave to come to you.
6th. Know the timers of merc camps. And on big maps (like cursed hollows) prefer global heroes- Falstad/Dehaka/Bw (esp. with bribe on lvl 1,so you can take your merc camp fast). And watch about timer of objective- it’s good thing to take those mercs before the objective.
7th. Don’t fight 9.5 vs 10 for objective- poke and delay till your team get lvl 10.
That’s the basic things you need to watch.
I am cool with personal opinion and i think every1 should be able to speak free. But i am not ok when someone tries to pretend he is something he isn’t. For example-i am not a master/grandmaster player and i admit it. And i am doing some mistakes- greed for kills, overextend for no good reason and such things. Here, i admit my mistakes and what i need to work to improve. That’s what a player that wants to improve will tell/say to himself. And it’s cool. But when you pretend to be better, a lot better than you actually are, and there are a lot of proofs around the network that you aren’t right, you need to shut up and start searching the problem in yourself and trying to improve. (not you Xylord, i think you’re cool) :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

I appreciate the advice and I want you to know I own and have experience playing all heroes except for Qhira at the moment

After all the best way to find out the strengths and weakness of a Hero is to play them yourself and try out different talents and play-styles in actual games

I would really appreciate having a good buddy like you to play this game with

I play casual relaxing games quite often in Versus A.I. so there will not even be much pressure most of the time

I play Ranked when I’m feeling serious and I can manage to win there even on solo queue when I really try

So with you all of that would be even better!

I’m not completely happy with the current situation of the game either

But I truly believe this game will never die as long as there are at least some people who truly love the game still playing it


Qhira possibly hinted in a year old trailer (at the end, around 1 minute mark). Remember, Blizzard often hints new heroes in trailers and there is no other hero fitting that picture so perfectly (including the fur thing on the shoulders).

BuT BlIzArD tOlD mE sHe Is A nEw HeRo.


But the person shown in the picture is Blaze’s daughter

And he is from StarCraft Universe

He is the one who smashes that screen too

How can she have grown up to be Qhira when Viper kidnapped her?


Orphea as a one off was actually a pretty good addition. She had some back-story told before her reveal etc, but the mood has clearly been grossly mis-judged by bringing us the overpowered affirmitave action wokeanda wannabe.

Oh and before anyone screams “racist” at me, I have wanted Gabriel Tosh (spectre, SC2) in HotS for ages.


It’s not SC Blaze, it’s Blaze from Viper lore, Viper lore is Nexus exclusive lore. Qhira is also Nexus exclusive hero.


stop making thigs up Bax


I just don’t get. Wokanda just walks in close, does the spiny death attack, applies some MASSIVE DoT, then walks away.

Starting to think Blizzard want to actually kill HotS off, and Wokanda is the first step.


We’re still talking about this? I just want old brawls back


I’m not, check the video :wink: