This is real! When you pick something you get all possible counters


I picked Hammer in QM and got all possible hard counters, why is that?
Jaina (hard counter)
Chromie (hard counter)
Orphea (hard counter)
Stitches (hard counter)
Auriel (that would be the only “medium” counter)

Meanwhile last game when our team played vs Hammer we got absolutely no counter vs her. We lost the game while she was mvp with top pve, pvp damage and exp.

So in the end two lost games for me because of her.

And this happens quite often - our team gets full of squishies (ranged dps and mages) while enemy team get something like Butcher, Illidan, Zeratul, Greymane.

Another day there was a game where only melee we got was… Murky, yes Murky! While enemy team got Butcher. I think you already know which team got steamrolled.

There was another game where we didn’t get melee at all, our team was full of ranged characters. Of course enemy had Butcher. Well, if you count Uther as melee, then this matchmaking system is just broken.

Another ranged vs melee game I had just few days ago
Stukov, Naz, Junk, Kel, Ray
Aba, Butch, Tyra, Li-ming, Samuro
You already guessed, first team was completely smashed.
Could somebody please explain how did matchmaking system allowed this at all?

I wish there was a button before queue to QM that I explicitly want balanced team, I’m also ok to wait these 5-7 minutes.


I had a game vs Hammer and Aba+Illidan combo and we had no counters at all.


Also the heroes you mentioned as counters are on the higher side of popularity in QM.

So probability as well.


Its almost as if QM is random where you can get blind countered by design. If only there were modes where you can wait to see what the enemy picks and then pick your counter. OH WAIT. There are 3 modes like that.

Seriously, the qm whine is getting beyond insane.

Fricking go to draft mode and stop complaining.


I’m aware of three other modes and even fourth mode against AI, thank you.

In ranked or unranked games I most likely won’t be able to choose the exact hero I want and before moving to ranked or unranked games with the hero I don’t have yet experience I usually play a lot of QM matches.

I’d like to have QM that has environment close to ranked game. Having games with no tanks and healers or ranged vs melee games is just frustrating. I would be happy to have a brawl like this, maybe I would join, but most likely not.

Solution is easy, just implement a checkbox where I explicitly request which roles I’d like to have in QM match. The role of chosen hero is of course auto-checked.


Yes I saw it.
Played Hanzo in QM,of 8 games think 6 was Valeera.

So you can learn a lot in QM,and knowledge bring in Ranked.


And then fill,fill,fill ,fill and did i said FILL a role till you get so bored of the game and not getting to play your desired LORE -loved- GROWN UP WITH character . Right ? Never thought of that


And again I got a game with two mages against Butcher and Nova.
Sorry, but QM is just useless and unplayable…

So this is now a rule, I can almost certainly say this happens every time, when our team has two mages - enemy will always have (two of them) Butcher, Zeratul, Nova, Greymane, Genji.


When I was playing murky in QM i had insane amount of enemy teams with butcher on them, it was really bull*hit. But I take QM as a learning playmode and prefer having shorter queue times actually.


And now another game, we have again two mages and as enemy we are fully countered by Tracer and Valeera…

Is that really hard to put mage vs mage and Tracer vs Valeera???


I think that friends in teams draft heroes that counter each other. Then enemy team can’t have counters for those heroes and probability of facing counters increase… It all changed in patch which forced rules to work out so that there is no chance to have dublicate heroes in QM.

Like you said tracer was drafted with zeratul and nova with butcher…


You cant be serious right. How is this an easy solution? Have you ever tried to implement anything in a real work environment in real life, ever? Not to mention the obvious drawback that this would require a huge pool of people constantly to be able to find a game where each person has their own preferences.

Just get over it. Playing against counters trains you very well for ranked, more so than playing as a counter. You get to learn how to utilise your champ in difficult situations, so what is your problem here again? Its not hard to have 60%+ winrate in QM.


The irony is that double mage vs tracer valeera is completely winnable game, while tracer vs valeera is absolute hell for tracer is beyond me. I would much rather play double mage vs tracer valeera than as tracer vs valeera.

In fact, depending on the mages the double mage comp is BETTER than tracer valeera. You will get stomped hard early unless you soak safely until levels 13+. Then you group as 5 and stomp them. Easy. Not for you, but easy for any good player.


How are those Hammer counters? Auriel is awful against Hammer. Stitches does nothing to hammer post level 4. Orphea needs 16 before she can do anything to hammer. Jaina has short range and you can easily get out of anything she throws with press of a button. Chromie is the only somewhat counter to Hammer and not even close to the strongest ones like Guldan who wrecks hammer with corruption.

Just invite your friends to make a comp if you want a real comp in QM. If not stop complaining or play draft. You cause all this to yourself by choosing to play solo in team game.


Seriously though in quickmatch one team gets 3 mages VERY often. And the opposing team has dive or just generally good characters that can soak up or avoid the spell burst. Genji being one of the most common in almost every single match.
Why isnt one of the random solo Q mages in the other team for examble?
If anything this seems like a forced character matchup since its absolutelly crazy common.


While I do agree that the MM in QM should focus more on even distribution instead of relying too heavily on MMR, these and similar match-ups are good practise.

With 2 mages you have, in all likelyhood, better and instant waveclear. You also play ranged heroes against melee heroes.

This means:

  • you always trade better if you play careful (poke practise)
  • you have to watch the minimap constantly due to a very high risk of ganks (map awareness)
  • you can mitigate a lot of dmg by kiting or defensive measures (e.g. KT stun, Jaina slow, time trap and so on)
  • you can learn to time your siege with waves, camps and objectives (which heavy-melee teams have almost no tool against), while safely and quickly defending against theirs (learning to use abilities in a economic way doing so)

If you properly execute all of these without support and tank, you will become a very good ranged assassin, i can assure you.


If you want better QM mode wich is cross server with US, EU program … topic here and search part in my topic where i suggest new type QM mode…


What i’m mostly anoyed about is that i always get to play with just ranged champions while i’m melee, never any balance lately and the enemy team usually gets atleast 2 melee champions.


Well, your example isnt good. Hammer has dozens of counters, but I have noticed something similar. 70% of QM games would have a tank + bruiser and the moment I pick Tychus there is 1 tank and skinny assassins. When I pick Orphea I am matched vs Tracer, Genji, Hanzo. So there is something there.

But to be honest many of these are just the most picked heroes in QM.


Exatly this happened to me in past whem I played QM, I faced lot of counters. I believe the problem is in system. For example people go party with genji, tracer, hanzo to have all of the squishies and couldnt be matched vs other genji or hanzo. Also people tend to make parties so that they will cover the counter role too, for example they take lili and varian, then they don’t face lili vs varian. Just look how they team up! Atleast it was this case in past.

Nowadays there are no same heroes in other team, which can be used very wisely in team compositions. Also everything in qm is totally mess, just play unranked if you wany to have good match up.


Hey,if you “think” is not possible…then you are sick with “S.P.M.N”…(like " S.P.I.N".!).
With cross server new program US,EU is possible!!!

(Search part about QM!!!)

And indeed such "peoples " like you ,are agains vs peoples wich want the game be inproved or suggest something idea!