Unable to connect to streaming server


Hey there,

So my Cox internet (in Irvine ironically) had an 5 hour outage about 2 days ago, since then I have not been able to really connect to any blizzard games at all (first it says connecting to streaming server, when you exit it, it goes to the game but says unable to connect. I tried the usual troubleshooting with no vail.

Weirdly, with VPN, I was able to bypass the connecting to streaming server part of it, however still unable to connect to the game over all. Is there something going on between Cox and battle.net?

Thank you


Hello Tyrone,

You have posted here in the forum for the EU region. Your issue might be something local. I’d suggest you’d run a WinMTR to see where the issue is and post in the forum for the US region.

Kind regards

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