Whoops! Looks like something broke. We'll try to fix it, please try again

I’ve been getting this message for the last day. At first it was when battle.net tried to update/initialise heroes of the storm. So I followed technical help instructions that the pop up suggested.
-Reset router
-Delete battle.net folder
-Run virus scan to remove malware etc
-Disable security things/antivirus
-Uninstall/Reinstall game.

I did all these and the problem still persised and wouldn’t even redownload HotS and I would keep getting the message that something was wrong. So I then uninstalled and removed the battle net app. After I download the app and tried to install it, I get the “Whoops! Looks like something broke. We’ll try to fix it, please try again.” Error Code: BLZBNTAGT000008FC

I have no idea what caused this to start happening as just 2 days ago I was playing just fine. I have not since installed or upated anything new. It’s as if the game and app decided to stop working for no reason.


Battle.net app has downlaoded and now HotS appears to be downloading finally. Currently has 12gb left to download, but at least it’s doing something now without an error message (so far).

While searching around here, i came over some other technical help I’d not tried;

-Search for CMD
-Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator
-Enter the following commands, one at a time, pressing Enter after each:
net stop winmgmt - stops the WMI Service
(Respond in the affirmative to the warning message about stopping the Security Center and IP Helper)
-winmgmt /resetrepository - this will report the WMI repository has been reset)
-Restart computer

After doing this, battle.net downloaded and installed. Then I was able to begin a download without issue (so far) with HotS.

Final update
HotS working again. I would delete this but will leave the post up incase it can help anyone else.