2-2-2 does not fit quick play


Today I was upset seeing forced 2-2-2 role system implemented in the game. I do not think it fits the laid back nature of quick play.

To open up where I am coming from I am a very casual player. I have played Overwatch since it’s launch (preordered) but have only gotten 156 hours under my belt. It is the only shooter I’ve played since early 00s. I’d say 97-98% of my time is under quick play with some dabbling in arcade, PvE events and doing the season placements on two seasons.

Quick play is for me because I have no desire for special rankings nor I’ve ever had that much of a competitive spirit in video games. Victories over maps sure feel good but those special moments during match are better. Quick play always had that wild card nature where you didnt know what the group composition would be like (I remember playing at launch games where all six players picked the same hero) but that rarely made the match worse. I’ve had good and fun games with just one tank or support with the rest going damage or just with all damages. The other team is rarely that much organized role wise so that hero selection would be the biggest factor. As a matter of a fact I remember vividly where my team won Horizon with six supports this summer. It was a fun game.

Now that is gone and quick play is made more into a competitive kind of game pushing more towards esport. Overwatch is the ONLY esport I’ve spent time watching and during this season I agree 3-3 “goats” made the game very dull to watch but that was not a problem I ever encountered in quick play.

2-2-2 forced into quick play is solving an unexisting problem and making the game less fun.


A lot of people will value 2-2-2 for quick play as it’s meant to prepare you for for comp! Go peek at the arcade–quick play classic should be there without any role locks. And you get your arcade loot boxes! That’s a win win.


With you on this. I only play quick play and like to jump specs in response to the flow of the game. I’m not interested in competitive play - I just want to have a blast. Blizz need to either roll this back or create a mode like quick play was. Given I can only play 1-2 in each spec, I’m finding getting locked into a spec is really robbing the game of the fun.


You need to understand that there are some people who like QP with rolequeue… (and think its more fun that way) Blizz chose to do this because they determined it will be better for the game , and it was requested by a lot of people…


I love current QP. I love playing Tanks/Support roles. Before Role Queue, I was the guy who was filling 4-5 instant DPS locks, I cant tell you how many times I was solo tanking/healing which felt more like a chore.

What I like about current role queue is everyone has specific roles. Instead of 4-5 instant DPS locks, you actually have a tank/off tank who is in front lines instead of Ashe,Hanzo,Widow sitting at the top of building and spamming “I need healing”.

You wanna fool around? Go play Arcade. I actually want to play as it’s meant to be played.


Oh! Now it is not frustrating anymore :wink:

I get that a lot of people like the new rq, but it still doesn’t work like it should.


As long as it’s permanent. I think MOST people will be fine with it


unistall it plz! we dont want players like u in the game :slight_smile:


2-2-2 in QP brings a lot of issues, because QP has always been the valve for CP issues. The issues 2-2-2 in CP brings are mostly queue times for DPS queuers, and if QP gives you the same problem, what are DPS mains supposed to do? Wait for ages, wait for ages or play kiddie modes like DM?

I think:
a) CP should be 2-2-2. But only if Blizz finally buffs tanks and supports so people actually enjoy playing them enough so they get picked and queue times don’t get completely out of whack. The other condition would be a SR and MMR reset for all roles so you don’t get the “I don’t want to wait plat DPS” playing bronze level no-heal support at plat.
b) Play vs AI should be 2-2-2. It’s the mode where people first learn the game, and getting a feel for party comps is a good thing. Besides, medium bots can be 2v6’d, so you can have success and fun even on your worst heroes.
c) QP should eiter be completely open or 1-1-1 with 3 flex. Y’know, to get some semblance of playability. And we all know that 6 supports can work, but 6 DPS vs 2-2-2 will generally get stomped.


I disagree. While the no rules, no stress nature of QP was always great (I never liked people who whines and took things so seriously in QP, they just didn’t understand what the mode was for) I do kind of understand why Blizz implemented 222 in QP aswell. It’s so the transition from QP > Comp is more seamless and similar.

If I had a deep love for non-role q QP, which I don’t, I would simply click my moue button twice instead of once and play QP classic in the arcade. However, I’ve only been playing comp since 222 came out and I doubt I have any reason to go back and play QP arcade, but if you love it that much, it’s there.


Nothing quick about 10 minute queues. Right now I have been waiting this long for a ‘quick’ match. What a joke


So play QP classic. I really don’t get people complaining about 2-2-2 in QP. The mode they want to play is still accessible… just play it. You’re literally just upset that other people want to play with role lock. Nothing has been taken away from you.


Maybe they should rename it to something else cause its definitely not QUICK for some players.


While you’re not technically wrong, this does further split the player base and increases queue times. Besides, which DPS would queue for new QP? None, that’s who. So all the overflow goes to old QP giving them consistant juicy 0-0-6 vs 0-0-6 matches. Player’s choices, I guess. Still not looking ideal.


You got that, without any further announcements I just logged in around yesterday 20:00 and it was changed. We know it’s coming tho.

I was whining about 5-6 DDs in QP games for a long time, that was because we jumped in with friends like it would be comp and we did our best to win once you got partied with another tracer sombra duo on def who wouldn’t switch, like they don’t care and we lost but with time we got the hang of it, as losing does not feels that bad in QP. You will get the mentality, OK so if I see this game is a guaranteed loss then I rather go have fun with tracer make some kills and let’s try again next game maybe we get a working composition that time. All you got to lose is not getting a win and less XP.

Now with they moving QP to arcade you will NOT get a win anymore because it’s arcade. Small thing but a lot of ppl care about their stats.

Yesterday first QP classic I joined I see ppl in the chat asking for what’s this mode different from QP LoL, just shows how the average joe has no clue about patches or what’s going on in the OW world.

The future of QP classic will remains to be seen, right now there are fast games on both QP and QP classic. DPS takes a bit more time like if I queue up to support+dps+tank it’s guaranteed that I will get either support or tank and never DPS but if I queue only for DPS, it takes a bit longer but still under 1-2 minutes.


I just pick a healer’s/tank’s role and then go dpsing.


222 doesnt work in comp either, but we’re stuck with it.


hah, made me laugh, thanks


Forced 2-2-2 and you get 25 credits for tank/heal QP…
Exatly what reason would I have to play more team oriented?

If my team is doing well, sure I’ll play more team/win oriented. But what reason do I have stick with team oriented play when my team isnt doing well?

I might just as well try to work on improving my gameplay on a hero cuz I get a better reward than exp anyways.
Before I could switch away from heal. Sometimes as a statment. If I felt it to be pointless cuz everyone was always diving and leaving exposed for 23rd time. Or if there is another heal but teammates have trouble with some enemy that I know I can usually counter. Cant do that anymore.
The game that caused me to write this is a good example: A Bastion behind a Sigmar and Orisa and I’m stuck with an Ashe and Hanzo that dont switch and have no idea what to do. In such a situation I judged the best use of my time to be SOLO play. Improving my gameplay on the heal in question so that will better when there is actually a point of me doing better.


Its not a bad idea. If you are below diamond its good to work on your stats so you don’t lose too much for a loss.