$60 BILLION company can't fix matchmaking

I just find it amazing that a $60 BILLION company can’t fix matchmaking and rank system in a 7 year old game. How is this happening? Other smaller companies does it with no issue.

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Because the amount someone is willing to pay for them isn’t linked to lazy matchmaker complaints?

What are you seeing that’s wrong xaero?

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“Can’t” or “Won’t”?
You think they want to?`
If you ever played Apex Legends, have you noticed how much Blizz copied from it?

Dude, they have made OW2 to what it is on purpose, wanting to feed you to smurfs.

Smurfs… Lol

Got to laugh

Wtf are you talking about? Wasnt a smirf in ow1 much easier?

Yes. It was much easier.

The system now puts you in the right ranks so much faster… And it’s matched on mmr so you can’t really do a lot, well not easily anyways.

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Im a mid gold player getting matched with and against everything up to high masters. How is that even a thing ?

Hi Xaero,

A recent dev comm detailed a few reasons for what you’re experiencing:
https ://overwatch.blizzard.com/en-gb/news/23910161/

We allow players to group together even when there’s a difference in the MMR between party members, and this is a major source of wide skill disparities in matches. We’re working on some changes that will match parties with similar MMR disparities together more frequently, which we expect to noticeably reduce how often we make wide matches. This will make it much less likely for a solo player or a party with a narrow skill disparity to end up in a match with a wide skill disparity.

Often matches with a wide displayed skill tier difference still look very close when looking at the difference in MMR between the two teams. The partial rank reset at the beginning of the season may be exaggerating this by making it look like someone is lower than their actual rank. However, regardless of the seasonal reset, both skill tier and MMR can decay over time for players who are inactive for a considerable amount of time. Players who return may see dramatic shifts to their skill tiers as they resume playing regularly, and the game becomes more certain of that player’s current skill.

We’ve also seen the community talk about inconsistent games or how some games feel incredibly one-sided, and that feedback has been helpful. Understanding what causes one-sided matches and how to reduce their frequency has become a major area of focus for our team. This is a tricky problem because one-sided matches can happen in Overwatch, even between balanced teams. So, our first step has been to study the problem and understand the various factors that can cause one-sided matches, and we’re planning to share what we learn with you in a developer blog down the road.

This is something that they’re aware of, and will be looking into it over the next few months.

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Actually it had nothing to do with that, and they issues a fix yesterday for it.

Have you evidence of this?

They did state in this same comms that they were going to look at the problem, and its various factors. Likely these fixes that they’ve implemented form part of the “various” factors - therefore it is likely that the fixes they’ve implemented (so far) come from this very investigation around the matchmaker.

So, our first step has been to study the problem and understand the various factors that can cause one-sided matches, and we’re planning to share what we learn with you in a developer blog down the road.

Hopefully they’ll share their findings/fixes in their “developer blog”.

Aaron posted about it. It was a bug that would randomly put a low ranked player in a game and has been fixed now.

Only been happening since S3 start, so it’s nice to see them fix it quick and let people know.

Indeed I saw Aaron’s post on Twitter, he didn’t define though that it has only been happening since S3.

He did. He said it was something that’s happened with the chances they implemented in S3.

I can’t see that on his comms, I’ve scrolled down a bit but I can’t see it.
Meh nvm

Where are you looking…

On Aaron Keller’s twitter:
http s://twitter.com/aaronkellerOW?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Why where were you looking? :smiley:

Ok. So you have read it, you are just misunderstanding what’s there. Fair enough.

Where is the “misunderstanding” of mine? Aaron never mentioned that the bug that was fixed, was initially introduced in S3.

Please share, I would really like to see evidence that I misunderstood this, or is this just your dogmatism coming out again?

Never said it was a bug. Just something that happened as a consequence of the S3 changes.