Competitive system broken?

I don’t know but the competitive system feels really bad compared to OW1?
People i match up with is either not talking or just completely trolling the game…
The only way to play this game is to 5 stack or what?

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I don’t think people take competitive seriously anymore with this S2 rank reset thing. Also it’s now f2p so you can get any sort of newbies sorted in especially at around gold region (starter SR region), who don’t give a floop.

Yea, they probably killed the game when they made it f2p and remade the ranking system.
Such a shame when imo was a decent system and now is totally trash.

Yep same feeling for me.
I get one good game, then the following games my DPS can’t even break beyond 3k dmg, sometimes even 2k dmg over a match - thats irrespective of my healing exceeding both of the enemy teams healers.

I am really unsure what is going on, but since OW1 the matchmaking is terrible.

I haven’t had as many D/Cs though, although my last game just now just had one, on my team ofcourse.

It’s not broken. Just misunderstood.

What’s it’s doing is team average MMR to get matches. So you might have differences between the tanks on each team for example, but the average skill of each team will be the same.

They will move to role average MMR, which should improve the perceived feel of the game. Although at the cost of longer queues.

More players and making more money is killing the game now.

Must remember that.

I see and I can definitely feel that the average skill level of some roles is huge (Specific tanks) Played a game yesterday and ended up with a Roadhog who was sneaking around the map and not tanking whatsoever… meanwhile opposite team tank did a great job, we had no chance to win that game and felt completely useless and boring to play.

AVCTWB - my typical game I get placed in. A dps going AFK, or trying to access various areas of the map. This is Blizzards amazing Matchmaker. :clown_face:

The broken system.

Haha i feel ya brother!

Yeah, it’s tanks they’ve noted as an issue. So expect longer tank queues.

If they are doing that… How’s that the match maker?

How would the match maker know that’s their plan. They’d have the same MMR as you, so it’s done its job.

This would be gameplay sabotage, not a matchmaker bad situation.

At least complain about the right thing.

Yeah its pretty much trash lol. Hopefully what they’re changing with the matchmaker will lift the balance of the people i’m queued with. At the moment much of the DPS are complete spanners who struggle to even gain fair damage in comparison to the opponents.

Thank you for your opinion. Very kind of you.

Just report the tracer and move on.

You just won’t answer what the match maker has down wrong here, because you don’t know what you’re complaining about .

I shouldn’t comment on your gameplay… But knowing you’re a man down essentially… Why the living F are you persisting with playing Brig.

Yes you have someone throwing. But you aren’t exactly trying to make up for it. You are not blameless for this loss.

Also, smart play to run in 1v5 as a brig. Very smart…lol

I won’t respond to you as you’ve failed multiple times to grasp basic understanding of discussions, throw lies, and troll of the forums hence why your previous account got banned.

I really must say thank you though for your opinions here. They will duly be ignored as always.

You fail to understand that someone throwing isn’t the problem of the match maker.

You also didn’t do anything to improve the situation.

There are no lies, the proof is in the code you provided.

You can’t even tell anyone how the match maker is at fault there.

Appreciate the opinions again, really, it’s kind of you. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
Ofcourse, they’ll be ignored.

Blizzard haven’t even attempted to bring in VOIP team work into the game, having muted/groups/team chat rather than just team chat is dopey. I mean look at the competitors.

5 stack would be good, but my mates play alternative games unfortunately :smiley:
Still, gives me variety to go and play something else
It would likely provide more consistency though rather than being served trash dps/leavers/afkers

So instead of answering a genuine query, you resort to troll spamming.

Feel free to ask your queries by all means, but you won’t personally get a response from me as you you’ve failed multiple times to grasp basic understanding of discussions.

I’m unsure how many times I need to explain this to you.

Glad it pleases you.

I know. Because you’re more interested in trolling now, and showing that you clearly don’t understand the matchmaker, as you’ve blamed irrelevant things on it.