Cross-Play is Coming to Overwatch!

This will kill the game…

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Well I read the FAQs… So if that makes me clueless, fair enough.

But you do you and keep trying.

C-l-u-e-l-e-s-s. Triggered.

Awww. Keep trying my friend.

Have you ready the FAQs yet. Quite enlightening.

Ready? :DDDDD


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Typos happen.

You should read (or ready) them. Will learn a fair bit and have all your questions answered.

It sounds like it is going to be a pretty decent introduction. And should mean F2P is round the corner.

It would be nice if they added keyboard/mouse support for console as well, then there wouldn’t be as much of a skill gap between joysticks with aim assist off on console, and mice on PC.

Yeah, they could “legitimise” it. But a lot of people already do it anyways.

this just reeks of trying to elongate an ailing player base

they haven’t done crossplay up till this point… why now?.. because there are fewer and fewer players thats why

It isn’t really for us PC players. So I’m not sure it is worth worrying about too much.

Will just be a small positive overall though.

Because 1 pool has to be the “baseline”.
Also MNK users have the advantage since once the match is mixed, aim assist would be disable.

The ones “taking the hit” when PC is grouped with and VS console are the console users. It would be absurd to allow PC players to disable the feature, when it is specially done to create more matches or faster.

then again console overwatch has been overlooked until now so there is no double standard, you have a chance to enter overwatch league but yet are complaining that its mean for a pc player who are generically better than console players to have a bad time in a qp game, comp games are completely unaffected and im sure not many people will complain of a console having aim assist since it is disabled in the future pc lobbies, there is always a mute button if you dont like the toxicity and i cant see a massive downfall since it is all in non competitive gamemodes and therefore people shouldnt be overly competitive

Those who also take the hit will be the teammates of the console players (who do not have to premade with them, they can be solo PC players). It seems that you think that console players will only be on the enemy team, but no. They will also be in yours.
What will happen when you have them on your team as DPS and they have to face a Pharah-Mercy without aim assist? I repeat it again, the difference in the control hardware is abysmal.
If for some it does not pose any problem, it seems perfect to me. No one is going to stop you from using cross-play. But why can’t those of us who disagree deactivate it then? Or is it that your point of view is above that of others?

If console gamers have the ability to avoid playing with PC gamers because it doesn’t suit them, I think we should too. I don’t think it’s that difficult to understand. Where the hell do you see the problem? Same deal.
It is simply having the option and that each one decides. We don’t need Blizzard / Activision to decide for us, we have our own criteria.

To reduce the time of the queues, what they had to do is not leave the game without new content for 3 years. Do not force console players with PC players to play together.

PS: BattleCattle, I don’t know how to explain it to you anymore, really. The FAQs are very clear. You don’t have to start rambling with OW2, F2P and other movies. Let’s stick to the present and the current terms. PC gamers are going to play console gamers whether they want to or not. Console players can disable the option whenever they please and PC players have to put up with it. The “logical reason” is that Blizzard / Activision is interested and PC players have to conform to what they want, without our opinion matters, as if we were won. Still don’t see double standards?
I do not care if they are going to opt for an F2P model or not. I don’t care if it improves the game on consoles or not. And I absolutely do not care about OW2 (which still does not know when it will come out - I care less still-).
We have both paid for the game, some have an option that they can use as they see fit, and the others have to put up with it.


We return to the matter of treating the QP like a circus.
Although it may seem strange to some, many of us like to play QP. Play it in a casual way but without forgetting that it is a team game, trying to win (that is, without feeding the embarrassing spectacle that hides behind each “It’s QP bruh”).
And I insist, where the hell is the problem in having an option to deactivate cross-play as each one considers appropriate? How does it affect you that I deactivate that option?

Edit: Why would I want to enter the OWL? What reasoning is that? Are you aware that some people absolutely do not care about the competitive scene and all the spectacle that revolves around it?
Some are just looking to have a good time playing games after work, study, or whatever. Who could expect such a thing from a game? And for PC players, this new mandatory option adds to the rest of the garbage that is seen every day in QP, which is not little, and that I think does not affect the number of players in a positive way …

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It doesnt seem like it at all. You just made that up buddy.
I dont care if I get console dudes in my team either, its Quick Play or arcade or whatever.

its a CASUAL mode. If you are so ultra hardcore about skill level and being on equal rating, play competitive. Its just that simple.

No you dont, its absolutely not the same.
Why? Because that would make any group with PC+Console have stupid amounts of time in the queue.

If that was an option in PC, we all know that 80% of the players would activate it just because they hate console players. And if your true reason is because they are “behind” on the aiming department and they are not just as competitive … well there is the clue mate:
Play COMPETITIVE then and chill out about comparing skill levels in QP.

You can literally get matched as a plat vs 2 masters in QP and no one is burning the game or assaulting blizzard headquarters because of that, so yeah, having 2 console players on your team is NOT a big deal.

They are literally making this so people can play with other friends and matches start faster. If A LOT of PC players disable this, it would be like a massive “AVOID PLAYER” that affects entire platforms. So 1 platform has to be the “baseline”.

How are you not getting this? :rofl:

What is simple is that some of us want to play QP without it becoming a circus.
I am not interested in the competitive one. I’m tired of smurf accounts (which make the SR lose all sense), I’m tired of leavers (in QP at least if someone leaves, someone else enters), I’m tired of trolls and all the garbage that surrounds the competitive. And I think I’m not the only one.
We return again to the hackneyed reasoning of “It’s QP”. The reasoning behind all the #@*! you see every day on QP. Now we add the crossplay to the list.

And your argument is that as 80% of the players would deactivate the option, we better prevent them from having the option to do so. Because what 80% of the players think matters less than #@*! (better to pay attention to what the other 20% think, which also fits the interests of Blizzard).
Is that what you want to tell me? And does it seem normal to you? It’s a prank? Are you a Blizzard shareholder or something like that? Because otherwise I can’t understand it.

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Quick play is already a circus.

So a bit late there I’m afraid.

Dude you cant call out an argument weird or repetitive when you are literally using the same predjudice as a base of all your statements. Your claims are basically:
“I dont want a console player which I consider inferior by default to be on my team.”

Thats it. Thats all you have. its not about becoming “a circus” or suddenly seeing more smurfs (which cant happen since it is per battlenet and they have to create 1 now).

You cant understand it because you refuse to accept logic and reason, you just want to be able to fully avoid an entire platform because of your predjudice. Its like the dudes asking for a way to “avoid russians” or something in their matches.

Again, I already explained it:

Its not a big deal.
Its not going to be.
And if it triggers you SO HARD , then play Competitive.

You cant have your cake and eat it dude.
Player adapts to the game, not the other way around.
Feel free to uninstall if that is too much for you buddy.


Exactly. Comp isn’t that serious. So just play it if you don’t want those pesky console players beating you.

I’m happy that finally, Cross-Play is coming to this game :smiley: Took them long enough :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m sad that we cannot play competitively when you are cross-playing :frowning: Hope they will add cross-progression soon then…